Uhmah Park

Zappitos = shoes in spanish.

thats right people… im hear to educate. as much as i possibly can lol. but yea… i know spanish. a lil at least… pequinio. i SUCK at spelling spanish words tho… lol much like english words. spelling overall is somthing i aint good at.
i remember my spanish 2 teacher. Mr. Torres. and by now… if it wasnt MISS Torres. i wouldnt be fuckin surprised lol. that muthafucka was so painfully obviously gay and femminie it hurts. this man was the child of lust of Richard Simmons and Balkey from perfect strangers…. on downers. because them muthfuckas are both hyper. and he was workin at normal speed… but had hyper gay man undertones. lol its true. and i hated that muthafucka. i hated him so much… people was surprised when they found out i got a B in his class. i remember saying ” i hate his punk ass… but that dont mean a nigga gotta fail the class! ” i guess if you hate your teachers… youre suppose to fail out the class or some shit. i dont know. i used to talk so much shit to and about him… i remember having to stop my self from choking this bastard out… TWICE! like… i used to have a REAL bad anger problem. i was ready to be on some sprewell / pj carlismio shit lol. punk ass muthafucka… i didnt not like him because he was gay. but because he was a BITCH! he used to be on that shit. he used to fuck with me. for no good reason. muthafucka.


right now… “sober” is part of my past at the momment. and i was thinking about some shit me and syl was talkin about earlier. we was talkin about old school LA shoes. and i realized something… there are very few people who know about the old school LA shoes. at least people on the internet. i dont know too many LA muthafuckas on the internet… not ones who grew up in a hood like area… and did ghetto shit when they was small. Actually… that nigga BMG, im sure… he is up on some of them shits. and Dell. but i met that nigga in highschool ( along with gay ass seniorita torres. lol ), i dont know with that nigga from the net. umm… yea i think thas it tho. but yea… i grew up on 53rd street and Hoover in LA. and for a long time… my parents used to get me payless shoes. yea man… i used to rock some payless joints. untill the third grade. when i got my first pair of shoes from the slason swapmeet. i remember when that shit opened. i cant remember what that building used to be. lol down the street from Zodies ( you gotta be a LA nigga all the way to remember Zodies ).

but yea… my first pair of name brand shoes came from the slason. my mom got me some Filas. some high top white ones… the old ones from 87 with the strap across the top? nobody remember them shits. them shits was HARD! i loved them shoes. i was so cool with my filas.
i also remember some other shoes i got from the slason… Some Diadoras! nobody knows about that shit! back when they used to make hightop basketball shoes! they was white and with red and green trim. they was dope!

there was some other shoes that they used to sell up at the slason, called LOTTOS! these shoes was… i dont know. they had a map of LA on them. they was white… and the print on them was red and green… like diadoras… they looked hella similar. but ihavent met anybody that remember them shoes.

my first nikes… my sisters god father bought for me… from big 5. lol thats right… Big 5. nobody buys shoes from big 5 no more lol. but yea… my first nikes was some Forces. but they looked JUST like the Air Jordan 7’s. This was when nike used to make knocks offs of thier OWN shoes. brilliant actually. as much knock off shit that muthafuckas will buy these days. but then again… maybe not. when you can force ALL them muthafuckas that was gonna pay less to get the knock offs… get the real shit. muthafuckas these days. lol. anyway… i had some force, they was the same color as the bugs bunny jordans ( the 7’s ), they was black and that purple color and yellow. i liked em. one day i was over at my auntie house playin hide and go get it with the girls over there. and these fuckin girls… caught me ( lol right…. ) and these bitches tried to take off my gotdamn shoes while one humped me! yea thas right… it was only 3 dudes and like 9 girls… so they chased us for whatever reason. yea tho… they tried to take my shit… they was serious about it too. ” girl get his shoes! these is fresh! ” assholes lol.

i remember when hiking boots was hella popular. they had those LA gear hiking boots that everybody used to have… except for me lol i didnt like em. i almost did get me a pair of ACG’s tho.

i also remember LA Gear Lights… back when not only kids and infants wore them! i knew a couple of people who had them shits too. i must admit… i was mildly impressed with them shits when they first came out… but i soon got over it after i seen em the first couple times. lol thinking back… i cant believe them shits was ever on the market and anybody over 4 wore them.

LA Gear used to be hella popular… and believe it or not. i believe they are still in business. i dont know what the fuck they make. but they are still in business lol.

Guess Boots. damn near everybody i knew had some of them shits. for whatever reason… i never got a pair. lol i kinda liked them. as far as i remembered. i wanted some all black ones actually. but shit… i would have looked like every body else lol.

i used to have some Ellese. this shoe brands logo was a sun or some shit… it was orange and red. them shoes was dope to me tho lol. i had some all black suede ones. i wore them shits OUT! something cold.

Grant Hills. i never had any of those…. by that time… i didnt like filas no more. because very super classless ghetto muthfucka i knew had some of these gotdamn shoes. and im sorry… im not gonna rock any shoes that just as many girls wear ( possiblyfuckin more! ) as dudes wear. fuck that. im not trying to be sexist. its just that… shit… i dont know. something aint right with that. maybe its just that EVERY girl i knew had some of them shits. Now… im the first nigga that say Jordans look good on girls who know how to wear them lol. but not too many girls rock j’s! so its cool. grant hills was just a lil TOOOO popular. everybody had some.

anyway… im tired… just some thoughts. im blackin out.


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