On GP (General Purposes)

Your nothin but a Hater!


this word is thrown around too often.

if i dont like some shit another nigga like… this bastard is quick to call me a hater… just because i dont like what he likes…

what kinda dumb ass shit is that?

For example.

Lets say…. if OJ doesnt like something RJ likes…. ( just an example… my cousin has more gotdamn sence than tha retards around this muhfucka ) RJ says to OJ: Ahh nigga… stop hatin… this shit is tight!

– Enter plain and simple fuckin logic –

did it ever occur to you, stupid muthafucka, that i just might have different fuckin taste than yo dumb ass?

dammit.. that just urks my shit.


lets take another example….

If somebody sends me some shit they drew up. And they ask me if i like it… and i say no… ALL of a muthafuckin sudden… imma hater?

maybe you just fuckin suck?

ever take that into consideration smart guy?

or maybe… yo as is just on some way off shit to me… and that bullshit you bussin aint in my particular realm of acceptence!

Now… lets say….

RJ ( we will use this nigga again… just an example for tha slow ass non-reading muthafuckas ) gets a new car…. and OJ ( me ) starts talkin a buncha shit… like ahh that nigga thinks he’s hard cuz he got some new shit… or… so what… his car sucks… or… fuck that niggas damn car… or… my car is still better than that nigga shit. or fucka rj car.

Then just… id be fuckin hating then.

then who ever was around… could say… AH nigga your a hater!

and fuckin pres-gotdamn-to… tha shoe fuckin fits… and id be forced to wear tha shit.


lets not get tha shit confused!

if a nigga tells me… RJ gotta new car… and i say some shit like…. ok?… thas cool… or thas nice… or thas good for rj… or whooty fuckin do.

am i hating? no! i just dont fucking care!

and thats not hating people. thats just not giving a fuck about another person. because… hey… they really dont make or break your damn day. or you could possibly just not favor tha muthafucka.

Proper use of the word “hater” is not all that damn hard to graps tha fuck on to. but unfortunatly for niggas like my gotdamn self…. i have to be troubled with muthafuckin retards who dont know any fuckin better… and say tha shit because they heard thier favorite commerical ass rapper say tha shit.

am i mad about this shit?

hell yea…


because today… like 5 gotdamn times… i have heard of examples of some dumb fuck using this word out of context on some dumb shit.

and i have hit my dumb shit limit for this day.

im muthafuckin finished.

Next…. i will go into my discust about tha word “Holla”

but ill save that shit for tha next time some dumb ass pisses me tha fuck off

( which will probably be soon )

One reply on “Your nothin but a Hater!”

quieres aprender espanol?

i can tell u right now..
people from california could know SHIT about speakign spanish.
and the slang…*slaps forehead* fucking way..thats the gayest shit ive heard.

but seeing as im spanish/mexican..i know a think or two.
i grew up in monterrey..
so if u wanna learn some shit.
then fuck it ill teach you spanish.

hasta luego y que te vaya bien


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