Uhmah Park

i said mamma say mamma sah mamma mah ku sah! NIGGA!
lol what the fuck is that suppose to mean?! i think i should embark on a quest to find out. but some how i think imma be disapointed with the answer. just like how mad i was that MJ didnt dance or ANYTHING coming out of the courtroom. UGH! anyway….

that song will always remind me of the time i was out clubin one night with a few of my friends from the apts i was stayin in at the time. they were college students. im about a year older than these niggas. and after the club let out, i dont know how i ended up on the phone with errin, and she was telling me how her and her friends were at the thai resturant down the street. i love kickin it with errin and her “peeps” ( i fucking can not stand that word ) so i ask the homies if they wanna go. they like cool. the resturant had a B on the window, so i fuckin didnt eat. besides. i was just there to hang out. for those who dont know… califorina has a grading system on anywhere you can buy food out here. A, B, and C… anything lower than that, you get shut down.
lol now ive seen places with a C on the window. ( they were asian spots lol ) but quite frankly… you eat anywhere with a B on the window… nigga youre playing with your stomach lol. but while we they was eating ( i only had some fuckin water… these niggas couldnt fuckin go to jerrys or no shit, they had to be fuckin eclectic n shit lol ) i kinda notice that my two friends ( Cleaver and Calvin — not the killa cal ) arent fitting in so great. but they are attempting to make conversation and maybe its because you know… niggas is new n shit. but it wasnt going over as well as everybody involed would have intially hoped… but i knew everybody for the most part. so i was cool. lol

anyway… so we are at this spot… me and two of my friends and errin has like 5 of her friends with her. we are all shooting the gift ( !! )… when everybody was finished eating, it was suggested that we finish off the night by drinking over at errins flat. this is also the night i discovered kettle one vodka! Grade A shit! High Five to the homie David for that one! so we are over at errins house and some how we put on the thriller album and end up discussing the every song on the album, track by track, for the rest of the night. cracking jokes and everything else. lol i remember nobody knew what the fuck he was sayin on “wanna be startin somethin” lol we was all drunk and puzzeled. actually one of them niggas could have known. but i dont remember lol. anyway… like two tracks into the album… we look up and calvin and cleaver are passed the fuck out. they got bored and didnt wanna ruien my good time ( the good guys that they are ). and basiclly just sat there and passed the fuck out. and us being hella indignent(sp?) didnt care… and just kept on laughing and having fun like them niggas was wide awake lol.

but it was then when i noticed “offically” that i know a wide range of “people types” and i can kick it in every last “realm” of people type that i know. i have friends who are the college party all the time people. i have friends who are mature, professional laid back and have a more mature type of fun. i know straight up ignorant gang bangin thuggin muthafuckas. i know street niggas. soft niggas. black power muthafuckas. super trendy muthafuckas. loud muthafuckas… quiet muthafuckas. your typical white people… mexicans… even vato locos… asians. nerds and geeks n shit. country ass niggas… religious ass straight up and down law abiding citizin muthafuckas lol. and i can kick it with all these people with out a real rift. they all like me. and im comfortable in which ever situation. but…. lol its like i really cant mix my friend types too much. its werid. Calvin and Cleaver was sittin up there bored as fuck. just didnt really mesh well with errin and her friends. but Cleaver and Calvin and the rest of they group ( who i was kicking it with earlier that night ) them is my niggas. and Errin and her friends are great. i love kickin it with them, i have hella fun when im around them. but for whatever reason… they just didnt blend well. lol im pretty sure errin remembers this and will have something to say. lol

but here you have me. who doesnt change from group to group. im the same person all the time. im a person who is ruled by his mood. and thats the only change you will ever see me make. that and me not cussin around old people so much. lol ( if you can beleive it — older black people — relitives mainly lol ). and of course i have to be a professoinal when there is money involed. but for the most part im the same person. and im the same guy online as i am offline. (ask about me! lol ) i know plenty of people who arent. its halarious. and its really not a knock on them. sometimes people just come off different on the net. i dont know why. sometime people are faking… sometimes, thats just really how they are. its just different.
actually i heard im a bit more mean in person… but ehh.. it varies from person to person lol.
anyway. i find it kinda werid that all my friends dont really mesh well together. except for a few. like i can take RJ, JD, Drew, John, and Dell anywhere with me. and they would fit in just fine. some of my other friends… not so much, some more than others tho. Sylvia, Resha, Errin, Cleaver (dispite this post lol) i can take alot of places, just not every where ( although i might get some shit for this later lol ) but i just couldnt. they just dont like being around certian shit. or they just wouldnt fit in for whatever reason. lol. and its really not a knock on them at all. the shit just wouldnt crack. lol usually when youre in that type of situation you can tell who would fit with who. i thought Calvin and Cleaver would be a gamble with Errins Friends ( not errin so much… but that actually depends on the situation ). but i thought id take the chance since errin and the killah ( not the killa cal lol ) was at a party me and calvin ( from this story ) and some of that circle of friends put on. they had a pretty good time. i thought it would be cool. i was HELLA wrong lol.

actually… i have online friends who dont mesh well with other online friends and those circles. the shit is odd to me. but then again… its not. it almost makes sense. but then again, i could be used to it. this has been going on for a min. i just have to stop meshing people who aint gonna mesh lol. fine with me tho… i dont think i could always kick it around the same types of muthafuckas constantly. i need to keep shit interesting. do different shit. have different experences n shit.

anyway… i left errins at 5am, them niggas was irriated lol. i kinda didnt care tho, i had fun. lol thats all that matters lol.

but i started off talkin about Mike…

did you know this nigga had a album called Ben?

Now those of you who aint Old School Los Angeles aint really privliged to this information. but older niggas in LA called rats “Ben” ( niggas other places could actually do this shit, but i wouldnt know ). they will call some lil punk ass mice “ben” but usually when you here somebody around 38+ from LA talkin about Ben… they are taklin about some big ass Knuck if you buck ass rats lol.

they say… “hey hey hey… be careful… ben is in the garage!”
that usually means, there are some big mean ass rats in the garage that are not scared of you at all.

i remember when i used to stay on 53rd and hoover ( in the HOOD, for those of you who aint up on the layout of los angeles… thats “south central” ). we had rats in our garage ( peep the reference ) and apparently i was too young to remember this. but we USED to have a cat. my parents and grandma (RIP) used to tell me how we used to have a cat back then n shit. and my parents and grandma thought that he could get rid of the rats in the garage. so… they locked that muthafucka in the garage to get rid of the rats. Well… Ben (them rats) ate the cat. i guess them big ass rats in there jumped that nigga and he never had a chance. they said they found the cat in there all ate the fuck up.
shit was ruff nigga lol.

i can only imagine the confidence that the cat must have had going in the garage. but was served up a big ass plate of reverse information once he saw that the rats was on some ride or die shit. lol they ate that nigga. Tonite, we dine on Cat! it had to be a moral victory for the rats. kinda like when a Black man owns a company and grossly underpays some white people to do some remedial ass shit. LOL it aint whips and cotton feilds but im sure it feels good in some aspect lol. them rats had to be proud of themselves. im sure if they was able to be on it like that them muthafuckas would have taken pictures and everything. lol

i actually did go in that garage a few times when i was little. but i ran the fuck out… them rats was VICIOUS! LOL

didnt mean to go off on some other whole other shit… lol. but you know.

i could sit up here and talk about Micheal Jackson and his trail n shit. but i think it would be better served over at STG ( http://www.five27.com/STG/ — copy and paste muthafucka im lazy! )

thats right… we did another episode. are we officially back? eehh …. could be? i actually have something else planned for that whole shit. but we will see.

until next time!