Uhmah Park

I have been called “mean” by just about everybody i know. Including both my parents. OJ is fucking mean. whatever… im not THAT mean.
ive even heard of people ( no one in particular… honestly ) that did not want to fuck with me, because they was afraid that i was too mean… whatever. im not THAT gotdamn mean, not mean enough to strike fear in another human beings heart lol.


the other day ( maybe like the other month lol ) i was talkin to the homie, and i dont rememeber exactly what we was talking about, but we brought up a person… some random person, it was a girl i think. and i was sharing my thoughts with the homie… i say……

you know… i like her, shes cool. but for some reason… i think she looks like she smells like piss.

of course the homie was a bit thrown back by this… like how does a muthafucka LOOK like they SMELL like piss?

my answer to that is?
i dont fuckin know lol. they just do.

is it because said individual is rather unattractive?
no… to tell the truth. the person i was talking about, isnt ALL that attractive, yet not tottally repulsive either. on the MLSS shes hittin about mid 50’s. but thats just my opinion based off what ive seen.

so OJ, why does this person, look like they smell like piss to you?
man… i dont know. they just do. like if i was around that person, id be expecting the aroma of urine. call me mean, call me werid, call me whateverthehellelse. thats just what i think lol. im probably wrong about this persons aroma (i hope i am… but a part of me kinda hopes im right lol), and i realize that. but i cant help but think that if i was to give this person a hug or had some kinda contact with them, that i would get a swift wiff of piss.

maybe its because this one person in particular actually LOOKS slightly similar to a girl i met in school………. that actually smelled like piss. it was faint, but it was definitly piss. she smelled like she slept in a corner that people took drunken pisses in often. or maybe she was a janitor or something (no she wasnt an immigrant you racist fucks! lol) im sorry… she just did. shit was gross. i think she used to have a thing for me. thinking back, i do remember having to avoid this person more than i should have had to, shit was ruff for a nigga! dah. its done its over with, ill probably never see this person again ever in my life. and if i do… she wont smell like piss… so i wont remember her ( lmao ok… that made me laugh. ). i wont remember her because i dont remember her name or what she looks like EXACTLY. i would probably think that she looks like the girl i used to know that smelled like piss. but chances are… she doesnt still smell like piss (i hope not lol)… or even look 19, 18 or whatever she was when i knew her.
she went to the college i went to… no i didnt go to fuckin bum college or no shit lol. and i dont know why this girl thought it was ok to walk around smelling like urine. but she did. and the shit sucked. bad. lol. maybe she didnt realize it. or was just used to it… or couldnt help it. who knows.


ive actually known more than one person that smelled like piss. what is it about me that i could have POSSIBLY have known more than two people in my life to smell like piss? fuck if i know. i have a sensitive nose tho… i dont miss many smells lol.
so yea… since ive had actual encounters with people whos aroma resembles the smell of piss. the thought does enter my mind… when i see some one… damn, they look like they could possibly smell like piss.

is that mean?
eeeehhh i dont think so. its just what i think… and i dont think its mean.
ill admit it might be a tad offbeat. yea… ok… and thats fine. but mean? no. but i guess other people might think its mean (fuckem). the homie ( cant remember who it was… could have been calvin ) thought it was pretty cold. but eeehh whatever.

i do realize by posting this… SOME BODY, while reading this ( if they havent already ) is going to stop… and try to smell themselves and think… damn? do I smell like piss? lol ahh oh i wish i could be there to see that shit. or better yet… id REALLY like to see the person peeking over in the mirror or thinking about thier look… wondering if they might look like they might have thier personal space smelling like piss. ( on a side note… i wonder what that look exactly looks like lol ) lol damn id really love to see that.

but anyway… like i was saying… by posting this. i know somebody is gonna ask me WHO im talking about, or do i think THEY LOOK LIKE they smell like piss. and honestly… dont waste your time, im not going to tell you. lol id lie to you first lol. and dont TRY to be slick, and ask me some round about punk ass question. on some “well… oj, what do i look like i smell like??”
now that shit there, will get you something you DEFINITLY do not want to hear. i might just tell you that you look like you smell like a fuckin Hatian Thunder Skunk or some shit. (lol dont ask me to explain that one! lol)

just let me werid, or mean, or whatever… by myself lol. i hadnt posted in a few days (not that im here to entertain muthafuckas) so i figured id post something that ran across my mind real quick. lol.


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