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You know what?

Cleaning out your ears shouldnt feel so damn good.


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You’re right. I don’t know why it feels good but I can tell you why it shouldn’t. Cleaning your ears with a q-tip actually pushes the wax deeper into your ear canal. The shit gets compressed in there. It can cause a lot of damage over a period of years.
Check out ear candeling. It’s sick but it’s supposed to be better. I don’t know though. I haven’t fuckin’ tried it. Don’t wanna.

Ear candeling can cause a lot of damage to your ears. I just went to the ENT doctor and found out that I have wax on my eardrum and fluid buildup from candeling. I’m lucky though, some people end up with eardrum damage and/or hearing lose.My advice…..DON’T DO IT!!!!

My clients have never been happier been doing this for 8 years and never had a situation like that happen .
you need to know what your doing
otherwise it won’t work

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