Uhmah Park

Right now im listening to my oldies… and right now ” You got me going in circles” by Friends of Distinction is playing. i love this song.
i love my oldies folder.

anyway… i just had a thought.

i notice that alot of the old groups have one nigga with a super high pitched voice.

What ever happen to that?

Groups these days dont do that.
im not complaining. but i noticed that shit doesnt crack anymore, and im wondering why?

oh shit… now “Forever Mine” by The O’Jays is on… this is my shit!

i have so many favorites….

that i wanna be free by the ohio players is the shit.
Reasons by Earth Wind and Fire
After the dance by Marvin Gaye
Straight from the Heart by Confunkshun
Send for me by Atlantic Starr will stop me in my fuckin tracks….
Am i dreaming by Atlantic Starr cracks too…
Voyage to Atlantis by The Isley Brothers is the SHIT!
Distant Lovers by Marvin Gaye is great
I only have eyes for you by The Flamingos
Me and Mrs Jones by the Dramatics
In the Rain by the Dramtics
This is for the lover in you by Shalamar
Loves Train by Confunkshun ……. if you are that special lova… and love has you tied to anotha… thats the way it goes on loves train… SHIT! sometimes heart strings cant be broken… but you just got tah keep on goin… thats the way it goes on loves train…… FUCK!
i swear im doomed to this shit here…i know that shit is gonna happen to me. or something just as fucked up. i never talk about my love life because it would be like trying to describe a big pain in your ass that you cant live with out.
After the love is gone by Earth Wind and Fire i will sing for anybody that wants to hear when its on and im drunk. thats my favorite song to listen to while im drunk… one time i was drunk… and marina and i was driving back to my apt… and i was on the freeway hangin out the window sing the shit load as fuck at cars in traffic, it was like 3am and there was traffic on the 101 and here go OJ…. AFTER THE LOVE IS GONE!!! HOW COULD YOU LEAD ME ON!!!

…. dont eeeeva think about leeeavin.

ok i could go for a drink right now.
i could be naming shit for days… i got about 6 hours worth of oldies. and i know im missing a bunchashit…. some shit i love and i dont even know the names of the shit.


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