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You Gone Stay Yo Ass Fat!

I just got back from what seemed like a hella long grocery store run. And while walking down the frozen food section i noticed something. On my right, there was all kinds of diet food. South beach diet shit, lean cuisine n shit. All that. Then i look to my left, and what do i see? A fucking wall of icecream! These niggas had more ice cream than deit food. I couldnt believe that shit. 

If you thought a nigga on the corner slangin rocks to his own people was fucked up. Imagine if that same nigga was chargin niggas to check into rehab and sellin em rocks on the corner of where the rehab at!!! Thats what this shit is!!!! Its a well known fact, that fat people can not resist ice cream at all! Shit, not even just fat people. The only people that can turn down ice cream on the regular, are people with lactose problems and they WISH they could fuck with it!

But if a nigga is on a diet, and ice cream is everybody weakness… why put it RIGHT ACROSS from the diet food. Not everybody can just say no! If they could… they wouldnt be on a fucking diet in the first place! Why not put that shit on another isle, so niggas aint even gotta fuck with the great wall of ice cream?! Thats fucked up if you ask me. But at the same times… its good fuckin business!!! Way to double end them, you greedy muthafuckas! Thats what capitalism is all about! Fuck the fact that they killin muthafuckas tho lol. We aint gonna talk about that lol. 

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y cant mc donalds change thier menu..people are somehow addicted to it..might a well add soemthin healthy to the menu..a salad that is equivalent to a big mac is not an improvement..omg common people.. the world is laughin at the over weight amricans..hey but so am i.. have some shame.. but i guess its just a cycle..the fast food chains get the people fat the clothing companies produce xxxxxxxlarge clothes..advertising is at its hey i guess if u stop one thing many things have to follow..oh well..but still stop bein lazy..gastrick bypass is not part of cosmetic surgery..seriously people…n e ways im sttin here in the air salon so let me go do my hair..remember stay away from the things that kills but then again everything does so hey live it up…and lastly being fat is not cute so dont think u can go to the store and buy something trendy and think u can walk around looking cute..dotn lie to urself..have fun..stay healthy or start tryin…latahzzz…candy

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