Uhmah Park

south park is the guts. and we will get back to that, in a minute.

people tell me all the time, “OJ! youre going to hell!” or some shit like “OJ, youre going STRAIGHT to hell” , “you aint right, you know you goin to hell for that shit” and whatever other various way, you can inform a muthafucka of his postion when he gets to the afterlife.

so, i will be paying it forward… and informing some other muthafuckas… of there place in the afterlife.

The people that are going to hell (or SHOULD):

The creators and writers of South Park. this shit is the wrongest shit possible. they will make any joke avaliable. umm Chicken Fucker? A Gay Teacher with a puppet on his hand?!?! AND he has a slave?!?! the show has TWO mentally and phyically handicap people on the show!!! screw the token one handicap kid, they got TWO fuckin handy cap kids!!! and speaking of token. the only black kids name in the school… is TOKEN! there is no way they could escape haties, if they repented from now untill 3 days after forever.

the next group of assholes, just deserve what they get as far as im concerned. The Outlaws. yes… tupacs homie that was featured on 70% of all of tupac tracks. these fuckers have ruined so many other wise classic tupac tracks! these muthafuckas are terrible! and they will fuck up a whole tupac track for you. make you forward the song after pac verse… or bare one of there awful ass verses because its pac, them then pac again. these muthafuckas irritate the fuck out of me. these niggas have no ryhming talent. maybe it wouldnt be so bad, if they wasnt on a track, trying to floss half ass skilled, on a track with one of the best rappers ever.
that shit dont work. so yea… for fucking up classic pac tracks. the outlaws are going to burn in eternal hell fire. congratulations!

people that stop liking an artist because they gain commercial exposer and success. now ill admit, some artist are dope, then get discovered and they shit truely sucks after that. but the artist who still come with bangin ass shit even after they gain commercial shit. some people just feel the need to hate on them because they gained cross over appeal. and thats thier only reason they stop liking that particular artist. or even actor in some cases….
this is the worst form of hate, next to hating a muthafucka just because he is a different color than you. you know the muthafuckas that only like music artist that aint too popular, and dont too many people know about em. just a select few music eletist who sit around and talk shit about muthafuckas THEY get tired of seeing on bet and mtv and vh1, the channels that THEY chose to watch. if you have cable you have those channels. along with 80 other channels you could be watching, and not getting tired of seeing your ex favorite artist as they get mainstream expoure. the same fuckin mainstream youre made of, because you watch the shit regularly as well as all the people that want to see the muthafuckas that you USED to support. but because, instead of a small amount of people… a large amount of people are into this artist now… you hate on this muthafucka SOLELY because of that.
Which means you only like struggling muthafuckas… thats strugglin like YOU. and hate to see a muthafucka do well for themselves, and leave yo ass behind. that is one of the top 10 most ignorant things a muthafucka could ever do with there time they have on this earth. period! aint too much shit you can do…. or a more fucked up view on life and the way you see shit. you aint shit! and you belong on the lowest level of hell…. lol foreal.

ok, i think thats it for now, more to come soon… but right now? im way too blowed. —- RUN UP IN YOUR HOUSE LIKE MY NAME WAS SEARCH WARRENTS!!! (sorry, im listenin to busta rhymes) —-
i have a pretty great playlist going right now. some tupac… like all eyez on me, ambitions of a ridah, some 50… your lifes on the line, i aint playin. some outkast… synthasizer, mainstream ( speaking of lol ). and some jimi hendrix. damn.
imma go make me some chicken alfredo!



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