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You Dont Know What Rape Is Like, For Years, I Thought It Was Funny

Just for the record, I dont think rape is funny. Not human rape at least lmao. Animal (on Animal) rape, however, something about that is kinda funny for whatever reason, I dont know what it is. Maybe because its really not rape but it looks like it? Anyway, Im rambling.

Some people might recognize that “You Dont Know What Rape Is Like, For Years, I Thought It Was Funny” line from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, The Hand Bannana Episode. The funniest shit ever. Let me show you:


Anyway I say that to say this… certain things are just kinda funny to dudes, that is no way shape or form funny to any female, ever under no circumstances. Not all the way funny tho, but it gets a chuckle out of you followed by a “ahhh thats fucked up” lol.

This episode and this line from this episode reminds me of some shit the homie said one day. I was telling him that somebody girl was trippin on them. And this guy responds with “you know what I do when my girl is trippin? I show her a picture of my ex all chopped up in the freezer, and i tell her… She didnt think she was replaceable either!”

I couldnt do nothing but laugh and say thats fucked up lol. I cant explain why thats funny like a muthafucka. But it just is lol. Not that Id ever say that shit to anybody. Maybe thats why its so damn funny. Or maybe because its so gotdamn ruff. But I think ruff shit is always funny. People getting fucked up is super funny to me. lol whatever.

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Got your blog link from Errin. Us country folk call her Hizzle.

So anyway, I love ATHF and I thought that scene was funny. I think it is mainly a guy thing cause only other guys find it funny.

But I just see it as we’re not talking about the same thing!

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