You Cant Trust A Man With Bad Bangs

Its truly a new day. White people cant get away with shit anymore.  Everybody is making money off Obama. But as soon as one white guy with a really white last name (Blagojevich) tries to sell Obamas old Senate seat. They throw try to throw the book at this man! He not only does he get busted but he is probably gonna do more time than OJ!! And its other white people who are demanding this happen! I can hardly believe it!

Mean while, there are TONS of Black people walking around selling a variety of Obama paraphernalia.  Its like Obama is a walking stimulus plan himself! Before he was even elected! All the while nobody has contributed a single cent to his campaign. No royalty payments have been made. Its Obama face and slogans people are using, the man that we all love… yet some of us dont love the man enough to give him a piece of the pie. There arent any lawyers hunting down people trying to serve them cease and desist orders. Nothing. Yet. Here goes good ol Blagojevich who has been under investigation for TWO YEARS. And HE KNEW ABOUT IT! He was two years into being watched by the feds and had not gotten pinched. He wasnt givin a fuck no more by now.
But when does he FINALLY get caught? When he not only tries to make money off Obama, but had the NERVE to call him a “motherfucker”. Aint that about a bitch?! I think the feds felt the same way, because thats when they finally decided to move in on this man. Fuck all the other shady ass shit he did. Not only did he try to unethically cash in on Obama, he called Obama a “motherfucker”. And now he will walk the public walk of political shame! Thou Shalt Not Call The Anointed One A MotherFucker. Good going.

I live 7 exits away from semi valley. And I always think about rodney king and those cops that got off for whooping his ass. I remember watching the riots start on the news at that liquor store, soon after. I remember watching regenald denny get snatched out that truck, live. Speaking of which… I also remember thinking, “I wouldnt stop if I were you. Dont roll down the window… oooooh shit! they bout to fuck him up.” I still do the brick throw and dance at every given opportunity. Thats just how my sense of humor works. I also do the abu-grade Guantanamo bay point when I can too. As the homie Dave found out when he passed out drunk on his couch:

It came out super fucked up tho, I was hella drunk myself lol.

Anyway, like I was saying. I remember everybody really feeling that white people could do anything and get a way with it. That’s a super defeating feeling.

I used to think real americans were trippin when they were saying that a Black man being president would spell doom. I mean goonie fucking goo goo me if the shit isn’t hasn’t manifested its self right here lol.
When Obama got elected. Black people everywhere were acting like not only was racism over, but they could do what ever they wanted. Some people have gone as far to believe that niggas are actually the ruling class. Which is hilarious lol. But clearly they all knew something I didn’t. Because there are niggas everywhere making money hand over fist off Obama stuff, and not 1 has been sued!! NOT A ONE!
Niggas not being sued for makin money off some eles likeness?!? That neeeever happens! If u make over 5k, usually, youre getting taxed. Hell sometimes just 500!! Somebody will find out, and be at your door, lookin for their money. Ask Dr. Dre and DJ Quik, these niggas are always getting sued for uncleared samples lol.

What really makes this whole thingo so gotdamn funny is that on the Daily Show. Jason Jones actually did an interview with Gov. Blegojevich a few years back. Lets see if you can tell maybe he might have known he was under investigation.


My favorite shit in the world. Is the shit you just cant fucking make up. My second favorite… of course, the shit you actually can make up lol. Good lord. Speaking of which. Every time I think Im out of jokes for this guy. I take another toke and I think of something else.

Is it me or is this guy’s hair making a piss poor pathetic attempt to channel the spirit of John F. Kennedy?? And I dont think Im trippin, but his part is also on the wrong side. Maybe he was trying not not totally bite. Who knows, but the similarities are certainly there.

Except his bangs are ferocious lol. It looks like he took John McCains advice about wearing a hat in the sun but took it a step further.  And just went and grew the longest bangs he could. Or maybe he has a big throbbing vein that pops out oon his forehead when he is being full of shit.
He was totally going for the whole Kennedy aura. Mob talk, shaddiness and all. He just has a fucked up ass last name and doesnt have as many friends. Oh and terrible hair. I think thats the worse hair since Donald Trump.

But you gotta give it to the guy. He is a fucking gangster with a big set of balls lol. But he crossed the Anointed one and now he will rot. Thou shall not call Obama a Mother Fucker.  At this rate, Carl Rove might be in trouble pretty soon there! Fox news might be forced to fold! Yea right. We can all dream lol. One more white person go to jail though. I dont know, that might be some change you can really believe in lol.



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everyone in the state of IL knew it was only a matter of time, this fool was too dirty for words…but that’s the history of governors here (reference George Ryan).
we’ll see if he takes Jesse Jackson Jr. down with him, that should be interesting

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