Uhmah Park

Before you read this. it is imparitive that you read JD’s post first. beause this is the end of the story. and also… my gotdamn side of what the fuck happen.

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so… since this nigga JD done already put a nigga out there like that. let me finish telling you what the fuck happen. the whole gotdamn story is fuckin accurate. JD’s dull as fuck ass janky nigga special clippers… was SNATCHING big ass patches of hair out of my head, with no reguards of humanity or anything fuckin decent. JD, Janky Barber number 1, thought i was being a bitch about the whole shit, because i was honestly damn near in fuckin tears. the shit was snatchin my shit… i promise! this nigga here thought the L A S T thing in the world that could POSSIBLY be wrong was HIS SHIT! but fuckin MIND YOU, i was completly bald on the sides because every last folical of my muthafuckin hair was YANKED the fuck out. its still one of the most painful things i had to endure till this day, this and the time i fuckin damn near died from my bleeding ass ulcer! just to put a lil perspective on shit!

so after JD finially figures out… the problem is his shit. its smooth saling from there… but then…. JD moms was on some, lets bounce shit lol.
and then, yes… this nigga moms is looking at me like im a BITCH! because, im not gonna front… i was ALL frowned up lol i had the WORST possible haircut given to any one nigga on purpose. worst than the time the homie prophet was high as fuck and decided to fade up that nigga RJ up. ( only the homies will rememeber that shit lol ) so yea… JD moms was like… what? its fine! you look great! lets go Jay! so JD and his side kick, Sherwin….

fuck that… time out… let me tell you about this nigga Sherwin real quick:
he had the most fucked up raspy voice youve ever heard
he made the FUNNIEST gotdamn faces
and he smelled like he got uninated on by some one that wasnt him, daily.
i promise! JD will tell you lol.
you dont ever stop dead in your tracks when a nigga comes around and say to him, with 500% convection: “Nigga… you smell like a bucket of PISS!”
you dont say that shit to NOBODY and not mean it… and then have at least 4 people that wouldnt agree with you. now i wasnt the nigga that said it. but i was one of the niggas that agreed to that shit lol. woooo lol … you know what. on second thought… it could have been him, or his brother. i dont know. but i had to throw that in. because im sittin here laughin at this shit all over again lmao!!

anyway… so him and sherwin is bout to leave, and as JD mentioned… the shit is getting less and less funny by the fucking second… and muthafuckin Sherwin, is fucking DYIN in the back ground silently… making all KINDS of fuckin faces. i was fuckin HOT! but this nigga wanna point and laugh at me n shit.

i felt so gotdamn betrayed. it wasnt even fucking funny. JD is trying his damdest not to laugh… thinking i cant see he dont think the shit is fucking halarious… and sherwin thinks this is the funniest shit possible… then JD is like…. fuck it, i cant do shit else to help you…. and proceeded to gather his things to roll out to his basketball game… and im standing there basiclly in dis-fucking-belief that this is happening to me.
and this muthafucka sherwin decided to lag back… kinda waits for JD to hit the corner to his room… runs back out the patio where this nigga was cutting my hair… and where im still standing… PISSED. fuckin sherwin comes up to me and says “nigga…. jd FUCKED yo head UP! DEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAMMM!!! id be mad as FUCK if i was you right now… *shakes his head* and you gotta ride yo bike home too? huh nigga? im showl glad i aint you! HAHAHAHAAHAHAAHA” the muthafucka runs back in the house ready to piss on his self from laughin too hard.

at this point. i had to face the truth. i was fucked! i had to take that ride of shame back to the house. not only did i have to take that ride of shame back to the house… but i had to roll through this nigga JD WHOLE apartment complex damn near… because he lived in the gotdamn back! this apartment complex, whch was then refered to as “The Raquet Club”, was were alot of muthafuckas i knew stayed… homies and females… that went to our gotdamn highschool! muthafuckas that could possibly see me and talk all kinds of shit!

sigh… so i went outside… got on my fuckin bike. and rolled out…
made it all the way to the front, and hadnt really seen nobody. it was hot as fuck that day… and you know niggas. no matter what, niggas aint trying to fuck with the heat too tough. so i get to the front, and im thinking hey… i made it this far… i needed to get some dog food and some other shit for my dog. i lived a good 2.5 miles away… and im thinking to my self… why go all the way back home… do something about my head, then jump back in the heat and roll back down here to get something for my dog? when im here right now, and i aint seent nobody yet? fuck that! ill just do it now… i didnt see anybody i knew rollin out the apartments. so hey, ill take my chances. im fuckin lazy… always have been (clearly) always fuckin will be. what can i say?

sigh… BUT this is WHY im not that much of a gambling man till this day. because i just muthafuckin KNEW… i fuckin KNEW i had the best odds in history rolling up to the fucking store and nobody seeing me. All was going just fine…. until i was rollin up on the store and saw this nigga JD homeboy bobby was walking out the store… on some, “hey man, whats u………….. GOTDAMAN!!!!! WHO FUCKED UP YOUR HEAD!?!?!?!” louder than a muthafucka! nigga eyes was all bucked the fuck out… he pointed and gasped n shit… then feel the fuck out laughin!!! the fuckin security guard turned around. and all kinda other muthafuckas that wasnt paying me no mind. i was like barely 6 foot at the time. a nigga was blending in lol untill fuckin bobby put my black ass on blast with ruthless aggression. sigh… so i explain to the nigga, fuckin JD did me dirty with them janky ass clippers and everything else, but honestly… i dont think the nigga heard a word i was fuckin saying, because he was laughin too gotdamn hard… while i was trying to explain what was what.

so now im super pissed. this nigga bobby laughed about that shit all the way till the next gotdamn week. and lucky for me, he was the only other nigga that saw me lol.
i went home… praying to GOD nobody else would see my black ass… and proceeded to cut ALL my shit off. i had no other choice. honestly… i dont think i ever told JD, but i tried to fade that shit up my gotdamn self. but im not a fuckin barber; so that plan was short lived and poorly executed lol. i had to face the truth. i had to cut all my shit off. i did…. and its been that way every since.

JD says ive never thanked him? he’s muthafuckin right. because initally i was done a terrible diservice! and then the muthafucka wanted to laugh about it. so FUCK JD! he can kiss my black ass. fuck a gotdamn thank you! im still mad about the shit. this nigga actually emailed that story to me, asking me to publish the shit on his site, and i damn near ran outside, hoped in my car and drove 90 miles to san bernardino to drop kick this nigga. i swear lol lol im still pissed at this shit lol lol thank you my ass lol. lol muthafucka. ill admit tho… there aint no way i would have made it to san bernardino. because i was laughin too damn hard initally lol. i didnt even read the shit all the way, but i knew it was the guts. the whole story is the guts. but im still pissed off about it lol.

Anyway…So, what have we learned? … the J in JD name stands for JANKY!
JANKY AS FUCK! lol and the D… Disconcerned! Janky and Disconcered! is what this nigga name is.

Muthafuckas be thinking im WRONG for posting making that shit out of The World Famous Bumble Bee Story. fuck that!!! ive been having to deal with shit like this since day muthafuckin one!
its shit like this, that lead me to be the nigga that i am today lol. i promise lol.

and you know what? its not gonna end here. im sure of it. me and this nigga JD have stories for DAYS about each other. and this MIGHT turn into a duel of gutty stories. im trying not turn the shit into that. but i have a feeling JD wont be able to resist the urge of a good laugh at my expense. he’s never been able to.

but shit like this is why i will NEVER trust this nigga JD. i dont care if GOD himself, comes down from heaven above and announces on NBC that JD is now the annointed one. his second stop better fuckin be from NBC Stuidos, to my door and post up on my couch, and we are gonna have to have a nice long chat. because he is gonna really have to convince me to trust that nigga there. lol, well ok… i dont totally think JD is fulla shit all the time. just most of the time lol ive been burned way too many times lol.


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