Uhmah Park

“you ugly, you ugly, yo mamma said you fugly!”

does anybody remember what this is from?

of course you dont, so imma tell you. its from this old ass movie staring goldie hahn and a buncha other niggas who i cant remember right now. and it was called WildCatz. it was about a female football coach. it was the guts. i used to watch that movie all the time when i was younger.

fugly, for those who are unaware is short for “fuckin ugly”

but yea… that shit is from when the cheerleaders were doing one of they cheers. shit had me rollin when i first heard that shit.

speaking of ugly, me and the homie eman just had a discussion about ugly.

Eman: and the ONLY woman on the planet I give a free pass on that shit
Eman: is whooppee
Eman (2:50:41 AM): and she aint whoopee
OJ (2:50:57 AM): LOL
OJ (2:51:19 AM): whoopee goldburg has to be one of the uglist bitches possible
Eman (2:51:29 AM): yes, but thats not the point
OJ (2:51:32 AM): no…
Eman (2:51:36 AM): see, we sen whoop all her life with that shit
Eman (2:51:41 AM): so its acceptible garb on her
OJ (2:51:42 AM): do you know how ugly you have to be, to be ugly as possible?
Eman (2:51:43 AM): on another bitch
Eman (2:51:44 AM): no
Eman (2:51:48 AM): lmao
Eman (2:51:49 AM): HAHA
OJ (2:52:01 AM): thats like the max
OJ (2:52:05 AM): all the way…
OJ (2:52:12 AM): youre all the way low
OJ (2:52:16 AM): under under
OJ (2:52:24 AM): the worst…
OJ (2:52:31 AM): ground fuckin zero
Eman (2:53:06 AM): oh man
Eman (2:53:10 AM): I just added all this to my sig
Eman (2:53:14 AM): that whole spill right there
Eman (2:53:16 AM): oh boy
OJ (2:53:16 AM): you have a signature uglyness to youre being
OJ (2:53:30 AM): lol ha! thats the guts
OJ (2:53:50 AM): man… im sittin up here high, listening to……… hold up miles davis, blues and ballads
Eman (2:53:50 AM): man
Eman (2:53:53 AM): im crying right now
Eman (2:53:57 AM): oh thats great
Eman (2:53:59 AM): miles? shit
Eman (2:54:01 AM): cant go wrong
Eman (2:54:08 AM): add some ol sammy or ray to it
OJ (2:54:08 AM): thinking of all the ways a muthafucka could be ugly as possible. and what that REALLY means…
Eman (2:54:10 AM): u str8
Eman (2:54:14 AM): lmao
OJ (2:54:27 AM): naw… no singin… just instrumental for this one
Eman (2:54:36 AM): yea miles has alot of those
OJ (2:54:52 AM): but you know what?
OJ (2:55:15 AM): now i look at whoopee, and its like ok… youre ugly as possible. like there isnt anything at all attractive about you…
OJ (2:55:39 AM): any one thing a person could like on another person, you do not have…
OJ (2:55:53 AM): you are totally devoid of phyiscal beauty…
Eman (2:56:05 AM): wk.fdskfdssdsd
Eman (2:56:07 AM): lmao
Eman (2:56:10 AM): oh jesus
OJ (2:56:13 AM): gotdamn nigga just ZERO
OJ (2:56:23 AM): but nigga
Eman (2:56:27 AM): yea, that’s pretty bad
OJ (2:56:30 AM): i know somebody uglier than that
OJ (2:56:34 AM): this bitch…
Eman (2:56:39 AM): if ugly had a hell..u’d be it’s embodiment
OJ (2:56:39 AM): i talked about her in the MLSS post…
Eman (2:56:42 AM): thats horrible even
OJ (2:56:47 AM): LMAO! gotdamn lmao
OJ (2:56:55 AM): OHSHIT!!!
OJ (2:57:01 AM): wooo gotdamn…
OJ (2:57:03 AM): but man
OJ (2:57:05 AM): this girl…
OJ (2:57:17 AM): she was mood changing ugly
Eman (2:57:18 AM): not the mooncricket
Eman (2:57:20 AM): lol
OJ (2:57:26 AM): naw… she had the moon cricket beat
Eman (2:57:30 AM): oh hell naw
Eman (2:57:37 AM): the way ya’ll described her
Eman (2:57:39 AM): man
Eman (2:57:40 AM): I was like
Eman (2:57:45 AM): she cant be that fucked up
OJ (2:57:48 AM): im telling you… looking at this bitch, she could change your attitude
Eman (2:58:00 AM): from happy mood to man wtf just came over me
OJ (2:58:02 AM): well, the moon cricket looked like antonio tarver….
Eman (2:58:04 AM): BACK THE FUCK UP
OJ (2:58:05 AM): yes!
OJ (2:58:25 AM): if somebody left the room for 10 seconds and come back, and inbetween that time, she came into your feild of vision
OJ (2:58:41 AM): they would look at you and be like “fuck is wrong with you?”
Eman (2:58:41 AM): your whole day would change eh
Eman (2:58:45 AM): lmao
Eman (2:58:53 AM): “bitch I just looked at yo ass”
OJ (2:58:55 AM): this bitch ugly is burned to your retena
Eman (2:58:56 AM): “now Im ruined”
Eman (2:59:04 AM): lmao@ into retina
OJ (2:59:21 AM): man… think about this…
Eman (2:59:24 AM): eh?
OJ (2:59:32 AM): im pretty sure your old enough to know what a sleestack is right?
Eman (2:59:38 AM): 27…
OJ (2:59:41 AM): right lol
OJ (2:59:46 AM): so she looked like a sleestack….
Eman (2:59:51 AM): wtf is a sleestack tho…it sounds familiar, but shit
OJ (2:59:59 AM): a real life actual TROLL that you would find under a bridge
OJ (3:00:03 AM): and a robot…
Eman (3:00:05 AM): I compare women to wildabeasts often
OJ (3:00:10 AM): all at the same time…
OJ (3:00:12 AM): gotdammit
Eman (3:00:13 AM): hold up
Eman (3:00:15 AM): first off
Eman (3:00:16 AM): FIRST off
Eman (3:00:26 AM): Trolls dont exist..this means we are getting into a whole new realm of ugly
Eman (3:00:28 AM): second
Eman (3:00:32 AM): its impossible to kill trolls
Eman (3:00:35 AM): unless u burn them with fire
Eman (3:00:40 AM): they regnerate and shit
OJ (3:00:41 AM): LOL LMAO!!!
Eman (3:00:47 AM): cut off one limb, and u grow a whole new troll
OJ (3:00:52 AM): http://images.google.com/images?q=sleestack&hl=en&lr=&sa=N&tab=wi ( for all the rest of you unknowing ass niggas… gotdamn lol. )
Eman (3:00:52 AM): omfg this isnt funny..Im fucking serious
OJ (3:00:56 AM): thats a sleestack cuzz
Eman (3:01:19 AM): lmao
Eman (3:01:20 AM): dude
OJ (3:01:28 AM): im telling you… if you liked ugly bitches, you would get her and ask her, girl… you got part troll in you huh?
Eman (3:01:28 AM): u just pasted me a link to a fucking lizard
OJ (3:01:34 AM): LMAO
OJ (3:01:35 AM): no nigga
OJ (3:01:38 AM): thats a sleestack
OJ (3:01:41 AM): from land of the lost!
Eman (3:01:42 AM): LOL
Eman (3:01:45 AM): h;ksdsk;bsdk;fsd
Eman (3:01:48 AM): oh hell naw
Eman (3:01:56 AM): wait
Eman (3:01:58 AM): WAIT
Eman (3:02:04 AM): those things that would walk around in grps of 2-3
OJ (3:02:06 AM): imagine… a sleestack, a troll and a robot
OJ (3:02:08 AM): YEA!!!
Eman (3:02:09 AM): and be sorta bent over
Eman (3:02:11 AM): and chirping?
OJ (3:02:15 AM): YES!! LMAO!!!
Eman (3:02:17 AM): ugh
Eman (3:02:18 AM): LOL
OJ (3:02:30 AM): LOL YES NIGGA!
Eman (3:02:35 AM): man
Eman (3:02:40 AM): this is the ugliest bitch possible then
Eman (3:02:41 AM): seriously
OJ (3:02:43 AM): she was lizard lookin….
OJ (3:02:51 AM): like the sleestack…
OJ (3:03:01 AM): and it was like she was scaley, but hairy at the same time
OJ (3:03:06 AM): imagine if a snake had hair
Eman (3:03:09 AM): LMAO
Eman (3:03:10 AM): dfndfdgldfgdf
OJ (3:03:29 AM): and you know those robots with the upside down cheese?
Eman (3:03:40 AM): yes
OJ (3:03:49 AM): like she looked kinda like a star trooper in the face
Eman (3:03:52 AM): my laughter is out of control right now…boy
OJ (3:03:56 AM): big ass eyes… werid ass mouth
Eman (3:04:02 AM): man
OJ (3:04:04 AM): block ass head
Eman (3:04:05 AM): in highschool
Eman (3:04:11 AM): i knew this girl named rana
Eman (3:04:19 AM): u know how there was always that one black ass chick
Eman (3:04:21 AM): like midnight
Eman (3:04:30 AM): that was her
Eman (3:04:41 AM): her name, Rana, means Frog in latin
Eman (3:04:45 AM): and be damned if she didnt favor one
OJ (3:04:54 AM): :L


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