On GP (General Purposes)

Yea yea yea…

this blogger entry will be an informitive one. As i will inform… and… yea. Inform somemore.

Lets just start off by saying that im kinda buzzed. grey goose is like the chornic of alcohole. that… or either my tolerance is retarded low.

Now that we have that fact… and little factoid of information out of our preverbal paths down the information blog on the…………. thats right… information highway. Lets revisit this last fridays Laker game vs the new look Denver Nuggets. As some of you may or may not know… your boy Kobe had to be in court earlier that friday morning facing rape charges in eagle colorodo. well… by the start of the second quarter Mr. Bumbrushthebackexit was back in los angeles, played the rest of the three quarters and hit the game winning shot. ( foreshawdow? we hope so! ). but anyway… this is not what i am here to inform you all on. For those who were face the absolute misfortune of missing this game… about the 3rd quarter one of the reporters for Fox sports spoted one of the co stars of the new fox series “the simple life”, Nicole Richie ( at least i think thats her name… it wasnt the hilton girl, with her ugly ass. ). so he goes up to her dizzy ass and interviews her. TWO questions into the interview… dude asked her…. “so who is your favorite laker?” and this muthafucka says this shit here: “Kobe!”
interviewer: “why?”
this muhfucka: ” BECAUSE I WANT HIM TO HAVE SEX WITH ME!!! ”
… now you… the reader are probably in shock right now. as i was… KINDA. because what i was thinking when he asked her who her favorite laker was, she was gonna say kobe… and at the most, there was gonna be some kinda underlyin kobe/whitegirl joke on this shit. but NOOOOOOOOOOOO this muhfucka had to spare us ALL the underlyin hype and place it out there for everybody who caught that shit, with a fucked up ass sense of humor, to laugh at. Thank you Nicole Richie. youre the greatest. may you have many more gutty Media moments.
By now youre probably saying to your self… well what did everybody say after that shit?? lol the interviewer got on some ethnic shit…. ” oh no you did not say that! ” LOL!!
then stu lantz says probably the most classic shit ever…. ” Follow THAT up! “. which was immedately followed up by approxamately 20 seconds of broadcast silence and akwardness lol. that shit was way too fuckin funny! wooo shit. lol

speaking of classics… id like to nominate the new jay z album as a hiphop classic. that shit is fuckin dope.

so is the new missy album. that shit there is bangin out of control.

sigh… this new nike lebrone james commercial is saturated with hype… that shit made me almost not like this nigga. it was alright… untill he came thru the fuckin doors passin off the ball n shit. gotdamn… hit me with the rock… the muthafucka who dreamed up this lame ass commercial needs to be HIT With A Rock! dumb fuck.

the new dave chappelle show begins on january 21st!! WOOOOO!!!

South park is the muthafuckin guts…

Grey Goose is Great.

Kid Notorious on comedy central is about as funny as fuckin south park… anybody who tells you different is a muthafuckin liar.

i am probably the only person that finds the new AOL commercials slightly gutty.

Mc Donalds claims that it has restructured the famed Chicken McNuggets. They claim that the nuggets are now made from white meat or something along those lines. Which begs the question… what in the FUCK where they made of before? damn! way to incriminate your selves fellas! but of course the mass public is consist of scores and scores of sheep so… most people wont ask, and i suppose they aint gonna tell. but fuck it… i dont care… because them shits was good… no matter what they were made from. However… i welcomed the change. and yesterday… i tried them shits out. and id have to say… they aint bad… but… they aint better. actually… they could be worse! only because… the mc donalds i got my batch of new nuggets from gave them to me COLD and OLD. and those of us who frequent mickie d’s understand that purchasing chicken nuggets is a crap shoot. sometimes they are piping ass hot… sometimes they are colder than polar bear ass. and before… the chicken nuggets were alright cold… but with this new method of selecting meat for the chicken nuggets… if they are served cold… they are a TAD tuff. but… for a nugget purist… its cool… youll eat them shits anyway. However… sylvia managed to get a hot batch… and them shits were bliss in a box! gotdamn. i enjoyed them greatly!
What i think what happen is… mcdonalds had BILLIONS of nuggets and decided to come with this new method… and they just mixed in the new ones with the old ones… because the difference is kinda hard to tell when they are hot. but i dont know… i think this calls for further investigation.

and i can do the robot!!! NIGGA!

that is all indeed. i hope anybody who happens to read this has enjoied this post… because i enjoied typing it. now… i am off to have another drank.
see you next time from the nation of inbreation… this is O 2 tha muthafuckin J… signing off.

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I am falling in love with Nicole Richie….she is GREAT! She has a GREAT sense of humor….

McNuggets are little pieces of heaven dropped down by a God who loves us! I don’t care if they were really sparrow meat before! McNuggets will brighten any day…

that nigga ain’t say sparrow meat did he??!! damn!! lol, i tried the new nuggets, like u said, ain’t that bad, not that great. i dont really see what all the fuss was about. taste kinda the same actually. maybe the 6 i had only had 1 of the new ones in it.

lol @ Kal sayin sparrow meat.. hell naw.

Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, and Jessica Simpson have made it officially ok to be young, blonde, and dumb as a bag of rocks.. I wanna see Huey from the Boondocks get krackin on their dumb asses.

and yes oj. I enjoyed readin dis joint…

I have no idea who Nicole Richie is. I stay SO behind on things.

Greay Goose is my drink of choice. Either you have a really low tolerance or I have a really high tolerance ’cause I can guzzle a full cup straight and just be ‘nice’.

Lil advice: ay no to McDonald’s nuggets. I woirked there an dthere is no way in the hottest hell you could get me to eat those.

Dave is the shit! I taped the one where he’s does that R.Kelly song and is pee’n on everything.

“Mc Donalds claims that it has restructured the famed Chicken McNuggets. They claim that the nuggets are now made from white meat or something along those lines. Which begs the question… what in the FUCK where they made of before?”

Rflmaoooo for real. My lil sister asked me today “what was it before?” I had no answer. :*(

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