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Yea, I’m Laughin

So earlier, Resha (my joke/cruelty enabler)  tells me about some lady that died at her wedding during the first dance. My first reaction was, like DAMN! thats hella rough!! I cant even imagine going through no shit like that!
Then there was a video attached to it… click here.

Well, the first thing I noticed is that the lady that died was kinda big. So I was thought to my self…. hm, wonder how she died? Unfortunatly I couldnt hear shit with the video, but Resha did go on to tell me that ol girl had diabeties.

So the first thing I thought was damn!? Two fat people got married, and one of them died from a fat person problem no less than an hour into the marriage. Poor fella!

But that isn’t how she died. So I guess she passed out, and they assumed it was because her blood sugar was low, so they proceeded to dump sugar down her throat. So what she ended up dying from, was her friends pouring sugar down her throat and suffocating her. Cold shit. However, I couldnt help but laugh just a little bit. Why?

Because… she was a big girl, probably passed out. Diabetic so she probably passed out from dieting too hard and trying to get in that wedding dress (im making assumptions). And then what does this big girl die of? Sugar down her throat. If you dont see the irony in that. Then I honestly feel sorry for you. Actually, no I dont, I hate you go away. So anyway… thats kinda why I laughed to begin with. I still do find the whole thing tragic as fuck. My heart really does go out to the groom. I mean, fuck…  Imagine how he feels. I didnt hear the report so I dont know who or how they found out she died from having sugar dumped in her mouth. But if it was one of her friends or family or somebody like that and they killed her trying to help her. JEEEEEEZZZZZ. There is about to be alot of not forgiving going on. But that shit still made me laugh. Sorry (not really – for the loss… yea tho lol.) Somebody made a dumb ass mistake tho. And somebody else is more than likely really pissed off about it is all I’m sayin.

Then here goes Resha telling me how they could have revived her “but they poured a buncha fuckin Domino Sugar down her throat”. For a split second I really thought these two big muthafuckas had Dominos cater their wedding.( Hey… worse shit has happen. ) Actually thats probably more of what I wanted to believe. I’ve actually never heard of Domino brand sugar either though. And of course I had to pretend like I was stuck on the thought, that i thought Dominos Pizza sponsored the wedding lol. I know she didnt say C&H on purpose. thats all I’m saying lol. How do you not take that? So yea, thats why I say she is an enabler lol.

But here is the burning question in my mind right now though.

Is this a case of the fat leading the fat? Or a super cold stereotype that went super bad??

I really cant make up my mind which i think it is. Either one is hella funny, because seriously… “pour some sugar in her mouth! That’ll work!” Anyway….

But I bet you’re asking your self right now. Why does he not feel bad about laughing at this shit? Well… you have to ask your self. Why feel bad? If you thought it was REALLY that sad, you wouldnt have laughed in the first place at ALL. Please dont use my Black ass as a scape goat either “well you was making remarks n shit OJ! You made me laugh! You’re evil!!” No… I didnt make you do shit. First of all, if you read this, you could have stoped a long ass time ago lol. Second of all… If what I’m saying, is so evil, then why you laughing? Why aren’t you pissed and appalled that I could say such things? Because you think its funny too. You just want me to take on all the so called moral downside of laughing at the misfortunes and mistakes of others. If I was talking about some shit you REALLY didnt think was funny. You wouldnt be laughing. Like if I was cracking 9-11 jokes or katrina jokes. Might not be as funny. Depending on how serious you took it of course. I’m pretty sure its not funny to the people that it happen to either. Im not that close to the situation. So yea, Im laughin. Just like somebody would be laughing at me if that shit happen to me.

Even if you’re by your self… Why try not to laugh if you think something is funny, just because you may be laughing at a retarded person being exploited or something. First of all, you’re fucked up if you’re doing anything in the scope of laughing. But dont try to surpress your laugh. Why? You already blew it! You think God is gonna notice you not laughing just because you’re trying to hold you’re laugh in. You think you can hide you’re laugh from God?
I can understand if maybe you’re trying to hold your laugh because the person you’re laughing at might be right there. But why waste your time insulting that persons intelligence by trying to tell a bold face lie, like naw, Im not laughin. Yes you are!! Just go ahead and let it out. Then apologize immediately, like hey I’m sorry for laughing (even if youre not) but that was kinda funny. Most times people understand. And if they dont, psh, fuck em. You probably dont wanna hang around nobody like that in the first place lol.

The only times where you probably shouldnt be laughing is if you run the risk of getting your ass whooped. Ive almost gotten my ass whooped a few times laughing at somebody that was really upset about the fact that I was laughing at them. Actually I DID get my ass whooped one time for laughing at somebody. It was fucked up though, because I wasnt laughing at him and he thought I was. And I was laughing when he ran up in my face and didnt know what the fuck he was talking about. And this nigga just started swinging lol. Thats another story tho, and I didnt take a tremendous L, but I took one lol. Still not as bad as it sounds. The other times though, if I would have ended up getting my ass whopped those times, it would have been pretty bad. One of those times would have been by a girl lol. She was a big ass girl. But still lol.

But back to this lady having a bunch of sugar poured down her throat. Who thought this was a good idea in the first place? Were there only like 10 people at this wedding, and NO ONE could figure out maybe this wont work. Another thing thats kind of alarming about this is this: SERIOUSLY… HEY! HER SUGAR IS LOW… PUT SOME SUGAR IN HER MOUTH!!? Im wondering if maybe she did that shit before in front of somebody. Because that is the WORST idea I’ve ever heard of ever. She was white, I’m sure she turned blue at some point. I dont get it.

lol I hope I have this story wrong….. kinda lol not really lol.

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jesus. im over here CRYING LAUGHING reading this. *sniffles* you aint shit at all!

RIP to her though, thats so fuckin sad. her death really was “bittersweet”.

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