Uhmah Park

i was in a fantasy basketball league.

on my team..

i had:




quienten richardson

micheal finnely

walley serbeak (sp )

tim duncan

pj brown



ben wallace


wesly person

lol my teams name was:

the L.A. Gangbangers


during the regular season i finshed 3.5 games outta first place. ( i finished second for the slow people. )

i dominated during the first two rounds of the playoffs… then came the championship.

that sh.it was two and a half weeks long ( tha normal games were a week long )

the first week was close…

i thought tha championship was a week too…

at the end of the first week… i was up by one. and thought i won….

but no… had another week and a half to go… where i watched the lead slip slip slip tha hell away.

but the last 4 days… i regained the league… and won tha championship…

didnt win a damn thing except braggin writes amoungts tha homies ( because thats who was in the league )

now excuse me… i have some shi.t talkin emails to send and the “cabbage patch” to do. lol