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Yall musta FORGOT!!!

lol that song is tha guts!

Tha Roy Jones track?


ummmm… can somebody tell me what happen to Sandra Levy? What about Gary Condent? did they ever find ol girl? everybody just forgot about her ass… i wonder did her parents forget about her too? or are they just HELLA PISSED that nobody gives a shit no more?

cold business…

dont get it twisted… i dont nessicarlly “CARE” i mean… its cold how ol girl came up missin and all… loving parents miss thier child… but people come up missing all the time just like people die all the time… what makes this case more speical than any other case? you know? if i talked about her missing all the time… id have to talk about ever body to ever grace a milk carton… but its not that i dont care… its just that………………….. well shit i dont know… i have my own problems to worry about. you know?

but isnt it funny how events change a muhfucka perspective.

tha whole nation was trippin off one person missing… and tha one muthafucka that COULD have been responsible….

now its a couple THOUSAND muhfuckas missing….. with another couple THOUSAND muthafuckas responsible… or kinda responsible… which ever one… somebody got to be blamed!

anyway… i was just thinkin about that shit….

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I don’t think they found her body. I heard a story though that Gary Condent got aquited from the case. What’s f’ed up is once september 11th hit the story dissappeared from news papers and new stations and I haven’e heard a word of this story ever since.

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