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What Would OJ Do?

for some reason… people are alaways asking me… say OJ, would you do this that or the other? i suppose they are amused by my answers for whatever reason.
sometimes yes, sometimes no… but for whatever reason im always being asked.

anyway… so the other day, i was talkin to my dad… and he was telling me about nasa.gov and how great of a site it is and what not. the articals and video and what not on the site.
then i had the sudden revalation… hey… ill be damned, if im not into space all that much. im more into shit thats crackin on the ground… maybe a plane, a jet, a hang glider maybe. but space? if it aint star trek, star wars or somethin like that ( a movie?! tv maybe? ) im kinda cool. but you know… whatever.
so i let my dad know… my interest arent deeply rooted in space. lol

so here goes my dad:

dad: what? you dont like space? man… how dont you like space?!
oj: im cool on space… im kinda more into earthly things.
dad: whats wrong with space?
oj: …. uh….
dad: so you tellin me, if you had a chance to go to space, you wouldnt?
oj: heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllll NO!!!!!
dad: WHAT?!?!?!? you wouldnt go to space if you had the chance??
oj: naw man… im not trying to be fireworks over houston, for a buncha nerdy ass white people and they kids. naw… im cool.
dad: ah man youre trippin… it would be fun! it would be an experience!
oj: ppsshhhh, yea… im cool. fuck around and be niggaworks over houston n shit. im cool.
dad: ahhhhh id go… be up in space…. lookin down on the whole shit n shit.

… anyway. im cool on space. lol i wish i could take my black ass to space. some how my dad was like… yea you could have your chance like next week. how? im not exactly sure… but yea… according to my dad. this is something i should be preparing myself for lol.
hopefully, one day he will read this back to himself and realize how impossible that shit is lol.


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