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Would this be werid?

Damn. i need to stay on top of updating this damn thing. ive been BULLSHITING! oh well lol. anyway.

the other day i went to walmart, and before i got there… i had ALL intentions on purchasing the following items:

a box of condoms
a tooth brush
and that new mr clean auto dry car wash shit.

and thats it. but of course… we all know, once you are over taken by the magic of wally world… there is no way youre going to come out of there with JUST what you went in that bitch for.

but yea… i was on my way up there, and i was thinking to myself. Damn… the walmart clerk ringing my shit up is gonna look at me sideways, i know it! lol because i know I would! ( please God, dont let me end up a Walmart Clerk )
Then my mind continued to wonder… if i was ringin up a muthafucka shit, and thats all he had, id probably come up with some crazy ass story about this guys intent as far as those three items were concerned. something like… he is about to go to some girl house… wash her car ( the car wash shit )… and she is probably gonna be all happy with her nice clean car… he probably KNOW he is gonna get some ass ( the condoms )… and he obviously plans on spending the night ( the tooth brush ). lol
i had a nice little chuckle. thats not what really was going on though. what was really crackin was… a nigga was plum out of condoms, my toothbrush was getting old, and my car was dirty lol. and i couldnt just wait for a walmart trip to get those three things. However… me going up to walmart ended up being a mini walmart trip ( im sure everybody has walmart trips lol ). i got a whole buncha shit. and didnt even get the mr clean auto dry shit… because my water hose isnt long enough to reach the back of my car. oh well.
I was also thinking, i wonder what other people would think, and if i wrote this shit out in my blogger… would they post thier own lil story of what they would think in my comments ( read: open invitation to actually do that shit )

speaking of condoms tho…. have you ever seen those condoms that say “family pack” on the box? and there are like 10 condoms in the box? the first time i saw that shit… it didnt really spark my thought process until like 10 steps after i saw them shits.
Family pack? what kinda shit is that? first of all… there are TWO main reasons a muthafucka puts on a condom… one, is to prevent catching a STD. the other one, which is just as important i might add, is to prevent catching a K I D. i honestly dont know which is worse lol. Catchin some fucked up ass desease that make your dick look like fuckin leaky, sappy, tree bark is just as bad as catchin a child from some female you really wasnt trying to have one with in the first place. either way, youre fucked something cold and hard lol. not only that… but chances are youre fucking STUCK with both them shits for the rest of your days! cold shit lol.
But yea… that brings me to my next point… if youre wearing a condom… youre trying to PREVENT actually having a “Famly”. so why call a big ass pack of condoms a “family pack”? are they trying to tell you something? like “look here dogg… youre buying a LOT of condoms… more than likely youre doing alot of fuckin… now, its common knowledge that condoms aint 100% effective, more like high to mid 90’s… which is pretty good. but! you over here doing all this fuckin… we aint gonna be able to come thru every single time… you feel me?” lol
I dont know… that just kinda fucked with me when i saw it. because i know damn well when they say a Family Pack of condoms… they not talking about the same shit when they say a Family Pack of Sunny Delight or Doritos or some shit lol. it aint for muthafuckas to be dippin in the community pot like that lol. i can hear that shit now…
“Say mom! we’re out of trojans!”
and dudes mom is on some “oh ill pick some up when i go to walmart tommorrow”
and dude replies “Gee Wiz Ma! i was trying to cut somethin tonite!”
lol gutty shit. lol ok, im done lol.

Moving right along… i havent been updating shit lately. and if you keep up with me and what i got going on over here… youd know that i have a photoblogger i havent updated since febuary. Well, the Uhmenhiem has been updated, as of yesterday i believe, with a few new shots. speaking of which… i need to fix that shit. the comments is fucked up. im going to TRY to update that shit AT LEAST once a week… this shit here too. but i make NO promises!
Oh yes…. speaking of shit that should be updated… if you didnt know… there is a new episode of STG posted… well… it was like last week lol. but still… i aint posted since then… so hey. Man… me and calvin have been bullshiting with that shit lol… but we are both on the once a week update plan too lol.

Ummm what else.
Oh yea… there was a lil question thing going around on peoples bloggers like last week… and i was JUST about to do it. when that lil voice in the back of my head was like “Nigga, have you forgotten? You dont like to be asked questions!”
i almost fucked around a BLEW it lol. I hate to be asked questions… not all the time… but MOST of the time. like 70% lol. especially dumb ass questions lol. i couldnt promise id not say something fucked up to somebody who asked me a question i thought was plain retarded. it really would depend on my mood and how sober i was or wasnt, when i decided to answer the shit. lol thats just the way i am. cant help it. the only question i liked to be asked is: “… how much would it cost, if….” and only from people with money. lol
i think i might tho… i wonder what people would ask me. it aint like im too open about myself on this shit ( or any other time for that matter ) i wonder what people would want to know ( read: NOT an open invitation like earlier ). Maybe one day.

And who knows when that will be, because im starting to realize why i dont blog so often. These gotdamn entries take me FOREVER to type up. gotdamn!

7 replies on “Would this be werid?”

Well if I was the unfortunate Wal-Mart clerk in question (“please God no, no….) I would figure there was only one rational reason why you needed this particular combination of items. In fact, this shit would be real clear to me.

This nigga is foul, this is a foul-ass nigga, I would be thinking. A dog-ass nigga. This is a using-high-technology-to-do-his-woman-wrong-type-nigga.

This nigga doesn’t give a damn about auto-drying his car. He done told his woman that he was going to wash the car and he’s bout to make a little freaky-deaky-creep to his trick-on-the-side. That’s why he’s buying the condoms. Well at least he’s using protection. And at least he’s got the decency to brush his damn teeth before he goes home to his woman.

Humph. But Mr.Clean is aiding and abetting this nigga.

“Baby,” he’ll say when he gets home a whole 2 hours later, “it’s not my fault I was gone so long. I HAD TO WAIT FOR THE CAR TO DRY.”

Yeah this is all extra and shit but it’s amazing how creative you can get when you’re procrastinating on doing your work 🙂 Or maybe I’m just paranoid as fuck, lol.

lmaoooooo@ family pack


maybe cats is fucin too much

lol@ mr. clean aiding the cheating

could juss be a weird ass ni99a

filling up the condoms with the mr clean auto dry ish and throwing them at the whip
and using the toothbrush to clean the wheels cause it reminds u of ur crazy father

who knows

newhoo peace

I just bought some condoms 2 days ago. And I always buy something else whenever I buy condoms. Can’t just buy condoms….never ever feels right to me either. But what got me was the other day I was at the grocery store and the condoms they had was locked up in a case. I’m like what the hell is this shit?! I didn’t want to get help cause I didn’t want it to be blasted all over the loud speakers that I was about to do some fucking. But yeah, I saw those family packs. That’s a tremendous amount of condoms. LOL

And I told you Payton ain’t shit these days.

The prices are low because they pay the employees slave wages, which in turn is the reason why many of them don’t get health benefits. That’s part of the reason Inglehood (wood) wouldn’t allow them to build one there.

Oh and I highly recommend the Mr. Clean Air Dry Car Wash. Coming from a person who washes her car once every couple of months (which OJ can attest to..*lol*) its really convienent since you don’t have to spend a lot of time outside sweatin your ass off!

LMAO at the scenario of your Wal-Mart purchase. That is too funny! I would say that you were going to wash YOUR car, hopefully pick up a chic (condoms), and you needed the toothbrush for….hmm….something way too freaky, but uh, yeah.

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