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Wings of the Lethargic

What if people were blessed with wings?

How far would be too far to fly to a destination? People always say, that's too far to walk. What would be too far to fly?

If you did decide to fly, would it be something like running? Or could we fly at a stroll like pace? A pace where we wouldn't work up a sweat at all.

If people had wings and could fly, would it be feasible, as a safety precaution, to wear parachutes when you leave the house? You know. Just in case you get knocked out of the air some how. You know?

If people could fly. It would be kind of fucked up to all the other animals of the world. We have thumbs. Sarah Palin wouldn't need helicopters to shoot moose. We could fly away from danger, in the form of some kind of murderous animal on the ground. There isnt a bird in the sky that is a threat. So theres nothing to worry about there. Just imagine if you could fly away from a big ass lion thats trying to chase you down. I could see me coming back with a big ass rock to drop on that muthafuckas head lol. Fuck that. Now YOURE dinner! Bastard!

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