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Why Is This Quiznos Commercial So Gay?

Am I the only one who thinks this Quiznos commercial is super gay!? Not gay as in wack. But like, the baker machine implies they did something nobody else should know about and the worker backs this up by looking down talkin about it burned. The machines voice is super fucking deep lol. Meaning there are two guys in this commercial. lol “put it in me”??

Maybe since it look like the baking machine was trying to keep secrets, maybe it was a sexual predator in a past life or something lol. And clearly was a porn director lol.

What a terrible combination lol.

Still the guts tho. Although Im cool on too much man love humor. Im not homophobic in the least bit. Or anti gay. I always tell people that Im more pro boobs-ass-vagina. So thats what I’d rather see. Its all about preference! lol

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