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You know those so called "Survey" or questionnaires people love to waste their time backspacing over their friends answers and filling in with their own answers and posting a bulletin for every one to read. 

Id say i hate them shits, but i dont even care enough to click on the shits most of the time. 

But im sitting here, filling one out lol of course. Might as well, since ive been talkin shit.
But I was thinking about something, if these things are surveys and questionnaires. Who tallys up the result? And what do they mean? Have you ever taken a look at some of the dumb ass questions that are on them damn things. Imma post the one i just filled out as an example.


The "___ Minute Survey TEST"

The theory is that you will learn a lot of little known
facts about those who know you.

1. Start Time: 10:32 PM
2. Name: OJ
4. Gender: Male
5. Hair color: Black
6. Eye color: Brown
7. Favorite color: … i really dont have a favorite
8. Glasses: only on the computer
9. Tattoos: negative.
10. Hometown: South Central Los Angeles
11. Single or taken: taken like a muthafucka.

******HAVE YOU EVER*****
13. Cut your own hair? most times.
14. Done something in the past month that you will regret? i have no regrets.
15. Skipped school? Never did. School was the kick it spot lol.
17. Punched someone? Yea
18. Cheated on a test? Yea man…
19. Been arrested? Sigh, yea man… punk ass police.
20. Broken into someone’s house? Well… the door was unlocked lol no time out, yea, that was only once. yea i have
21. Been rejected? yea man
22. Been to a funeral? sigh, yea man
23. Used a lighter? … the fuck? who puts these lame ass questions together? SLAP YO SELF!!! for being lame!! and asking dumb ass questions! anyway… yea, im using one right now to assist in my unsoberness
24. Been on stage? yea… why? like where are these questions going? foreal.

25. Season: SUMMER!!! I live in California!! OF COURSE THE SUMMER!
26. Food: turkey burgers from fat burger
27. Ice cream flavor: cake batter!!! if youve ever been to cold stone, you know what im talkin about
28. Candy: not a candy eater.
29. Breakfast: french toast and omelets
30. Person: me, muthafucka.
31. Book: the Internet lol
32. Movie: hard to say.
33. Song: i have way too many. i got 15802 tracks on my itunes.
34. Park:  … couldnt tell you
35. Place: banderville
36. Sport to watch on TV: Basketball
37. Letter(s): O!
38. Disney Movie: fuck if i know.
39. Disney Princess: i refuse to waste my time thinking about this question.
40. Name for a son: i dont know man…
41. Name for a daughter: …

******DO YOU PREFER*****
42. Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla
43. Alcoholic or non? BRING ON THE BOOZE!!!
44. Long relationships or one night stands: neither, actually.
45. Dogs or cats? Dogs, I dont feel safe around animals quicker than me.
46. Scary movies or comedies? Comedies, scary movies are either dumb or boring.
47. Short or long hair in a girl ? long…
48. Croutons or bacon bits? croutons… i dont fuck with swine.

49. Mexicans: FOOD! id fuck up a burrito right now
50. School: peace see ya later
51. Cows: milk? the fuck?
52. Canada: WEED!
53. Mouse: Jerry. lol
54. Hand: Carple lol

55. Talked on the phone? sigh… why?! like seriously? DUH! EVERYONE HAS!
56. Watched a movie? … no?
57. Cried? sigh, now
58. Smoked?  fuck yea
59. Drank a glass of water? i might think this is dumb, but there is somebody thinking really hard about this question right now. and thats a damn shame.
61. Read a book or magazine? see… this is why i dont do these things.
62. Watched TV? …
63. Looked in the mirror? … fucking shit, stall a nigga out
64. Taken a shower? whos dirty ass is gonna answer no to this?
65. Taken a picture? naw…
66. Listened to music? yes man, damn.
67. Told someone you love them? yup
68. End time: 11:36 pm… i was doin other shit lol

put how long it took u to take this in the subject


Now by reading this… about me. What have you gained? Doesnt matter. Because you know who makes these gotdamn things up? People who are desperate for other people to think they are interesting. So, here are some questions, that i took the time to make up, that i wish some one would ask me, and then given my answers to these questions, people will think im interesting. Thus they will talk to me about my interesting factoids, in the process making me more friends. And what not and so forth. Same reason people fill them shits out i believe. At least most people, but of course nobody will admit to that shit. Its alright though. Im sure that shit works. I just cant find it in my self to care all the time, sorry.
Whats really sad though, is situation like this questionnaire where the asshole who made it up asked the STUPIDEST ASS questions! have you looked in the mirror?!?!? i mean, really. What kind of annoying bastard ask a question like that. The asshole who put this together will never be Barbra Walters. Switch careers immediately. People still answer them shits anyway. lol 

Wanna see my myspace page? Blam, add me to your friends list if you dare. lol youll have to deal with my bullshit lol.  


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