Uhmah Park

Good Luck to tha homie!

This nigga is goin on who wants to be a millionare tommorrow…

Man… dude has been thru so much shit… i hope he get tha full million… or somethin in tha high six figures.

i remember he came thru and kicked it and we was watchin that shit… he got a ganga questions right.

he’ll do good… im not worried about it…

mainly because if he blows it in tha early rounds ill talk about his ass real real bad lol

Dont wanna put his name out there like that…

because you know how niggas get when they find out somebody done came into some money lol. Shit… not just niggas… but people in general.

But sheeeit… let that nigga call me on some life line shit…

if i get that shit right… i know i better get that hot apperication gift lol

lol naw

but nigga im ROUTEIN FOR YOU!!!

*thumbs up*