On GP (General Purposes)

Who Dem Niggas?

Sometimes i catch my self saying…. ” they should put a park here… ”

“they need to put club over around this muhfucka some where…” ( sorry… i used to stay in the boonies lol )

“they should come out with this…”

“they should sell more of these…”

“they should put a mc donalds or somethin over here…” ( once again boonie talk )

and i know other people say tha shit… im not the only one…

but i wonder how many people stop to think and ask them selves…

Who in the fuck are THEY any damn way?

well… me my self… i thought about it… came to my own conclusions…

im just wondering… how many people stop to do tha same?

or… are they even capable of proforming brain exersises of this sort?

i mean… eh.. it seeeeems simple enough.

could just be me… ( i know its not… but stasticly speakin… im damn near by my self any fuckin way )

but then again… muhfuckas say that im strange….

fuck it…

i will once again take a crack at catchin me some black out.

tommorrow is a big day for me… im feeling kinda froggy.

(Hmfic Note: i typed out this shit last night but it didnt wanna post for whatever reason… so a nigga got his copy and paste on)

One reply on “Who Dem Niggas?”

you can’t work that little one out.Well then, you are hardly capable of performing any type of brain exersises yourself are you. Why don’t you start at the begining an put it into context. Then think about it logicaly.
Humans add a gravity to these questions that they are wholy undeserved of, treat this question as you would any other much simpler one and see how you go.
i aint got time to say no more.

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