Uhmah Park

i hearby proclaim today to be know forever as, ” White Republicain Thrusday “.

because today is just a fucked up ass day for more than 5 people i know. including my self. today… i woke up kinda blowed still but my throat was RAW because last night i got REALLY blowed but some how when i managed to fall asleep, i was awakened in the middle of the night choking like a muthafucka… i dont know what was going on… but i think i was trying to throw up somethin… as a result of that shit… i woke up and my throat felt like i had been throwing up all night. But OJ… if you threw up, where did that shit go?
Who knows?! i got up… but i wasnt hovered over the sink or the toilet… i dont know where that shit went.
but… when i did offically wake up, my body was fucking SORE! SORE SORE SORE! man i hurt every fucking where! but what hurt most of all, my GOTDAMN back. which is currently still hurting at the moment.
today i also made a bet with syl… that i shouldnt have… because i KNOW im going to lose… i dont wanna even speak on what she is gonna get if i lose. fuck lol.
But… its not just me suffereing today.
Sylvia is having severe stomach problems off and on and she is whiny as hell ( adding to my tourmet of this day mind you ).
speaking of people with “stomach problems”
a good friend of mine is also having those same problems… or was the other day.
and my girlfriend is too… i cant escape.
dani is also having a fucked up day….
calvin looks like he is having a fucked up day…
my cousins sister keeps AIM’ing me about the fucked up time she is having in st louis
kobe has been havin a fucked up couple of weeks… im pretty sure today is no different. lol
man… and its only 3:30!
did i mention my back is whoopin my ass like it has kung fu master ass kicking tactics ( or like i be WHOOPIN Max ass in tekken! lol )

and to the people having good days… FUUUUUCK YOU!


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