Uhmah Park

i woke up earlier this week with a thought.

Imma start a Gang.

yes… a gang… like tha crips, bloods, alphas, omegas, aka’s, zetas, deltas, chirstians, catholic’s, muslims, semtic jews, brown pride, 13th street, the mason’s, the mafia, the russian mob, the CIA, ( id say the united states, but doin 99 years for rackateering aint my thing… they dont like compitition… ). yes… these organizatioins are all essentially gangs, if you really think about it.

if you dont belong… they probably dont like you.

if you dont belong… you cant go to certain functions, you cant do certain shit…

and what really just certifies you as a gang…. when members of your “gang” say well imma _ ( fill in the name of your gang here ) and we do this… or we do that… or dont do this… dont do that… we cant/will/have yap yap yap.

and out of these groups… im not really down to join any of them… well… maybe the omegas, i thought about it a couple times… like if i ever got the opp. but if a group of people wanna jump me and beat my ass or whatever? better believe The OJ is comming back with a large caliber firing arm, long sharp perciing object, or fuck it… something big and heavy and easy to swing… such as a bat… or a spiked bat even. fuck that… i dont care what its in the name of. muhfuckas be wantin to do all kinda odd shit… like spank niggas… have niggas walkin around all dirty n shit… wear bullshit… do bullshit… ppsshh im cool. Even tho i hear the perks are nice lol. and will do wonders for you in the professional world. but im still cool. lol


imma start my own gang.

since i cant join one lol.

The name of my new Gang is called:

We Say So INC.

( you have to put the inc on there to make shit not REALLY seem like a gang )

and our slogan is:

Because We Fucking Say So.

lol that shit is tight.

im pretty sure there will be many willing participants since the name and slogan is so damn dope. ( lol ) Therefore i will be setting parameters. even tho i have the slightest clue what these parameters will soon be. but there will definitly be some… because… what is a gang with out prerequsites? (sp) lol

But… i dont know… last time we ( me and the homies ) started a gang ( yes i have experence in gang starting… what do you expect?… i live in califorina… there are certain things you cant avoid… particularly in the los angeles area lol ) … there was a tad bit of beef between some other of my not so close friends and the main group of niggas. basiclly what happen was… one nigga was a liar, a bad liar at that… but a couple people was cool with him… and some niggas hated his ass… lol he didnt get put on lol.

so anyway… i may… i may not lol.

or… shit… tha old one is still in tact…

but umm… niggas have matured lol… we might have to change the name lol tha name is no longer goin over people heads lol

i dont know… just a thought…

im really trying to kill time while sylvia moves shit over to my computer…

she already crashed once when i was tryin to do some shit… shhh lol