Uhmah Park

i have a poem. its called When I Get High
buss it….

When i get high
sometimes i get too high
but i can see why, what is what
and why is why
i could eat a whole apple pie

when im high
it feels like the fog has been cleared from in front of my eyes
i can see how its deep
and why its wide
but i cant understand why more people dont get high

when i get high
i feel just fine
i sit alone and let silly thoughts run through my mind
im higher than the highest leaf
on the tallest tree
and every thing is sooo gotdamn funny
like when jd was scared of the bumble bee
and damn near lost his mind, right in front of me

Damn im high
and i sure could go for some apple pie
or some other blowed snack i could make on the fly

when i get high
my brain cells dont fry
so what if i think i can fly
i know i cant
and i aint gone try
but i can close my eyes
and feel like im floating thru the sky

fuck im high
im fuckin stuck
if i had to do something important, id be shit out of luck
i feel like i have been leveled by a truck
but damn i could go for a snack
imma have to pick my self up
hit up the kitchen, and make something good as fuck

im so high
i must say goodbye
imma go make me something to eat, and enyoy my high.

lol shit was the guts. lol.


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