Uhmah Park

I dont know how many people watch Basketball on TNT. Me personally, i try to break my neck to see the shit. I am definitely a fan. Kenny and Charles are the best analyst on tv, along with Ernie, and sometimes Magic and Reggie Miller ( nigga looks like a star trek extra. like a fraringee ).. The whole staff. Way better than ESPN. ESPN is boring, alot of people dont like Steven A. Smith ( but i do… he’s the guts ) and other than Greg Anthony, the show dont have no life. We wont even talk about Scottie Pippen, its just all the way around a bad situation. Anyway… Love Inside the NBA, even with Craig Seger and his non-dressin ass.

So this season they have some kinda segment where Kenny Smith goes from nba star house, to nba store house to hang out with them, and do some kinda… i dont know what the fuck… they just fuckin shoot the shit. Whats the Damb is the point of that?!  ( that was for Resha ) Does anybody know? Like why is this a segment? why did somebody sponsor this? What the fuck is the damn point of that segment. Something is going over head. i dont understand that shit. Imma really need somebody to explain to me the point of that segment. And dont try to dare say that for us to get a peek in the lives of nba stars. Because no, that is not whats going on at all. This is a peek at Kenny Smith and and assortment nba stars, being lame. Thats it, thats all.
I cant believe these niggas are doing this segment and are attempting to look seroius about it. Shits terrible.

Jacke Chan, how many movies has this man made? Tons. And in alot of those movies, he is a cop or some law keeping individual. Have you ever noticed tho, Jackie Chan dont EVER fire a gun? He will, however, point the fuck out his gun. He never has a good shot. He will say dont move, but will let a nigga run. He will jack somebody for they gun in a heartbeat. Nigga dont ever shoot nobody tho. Dont even fire a shot. Why? I understand that the man dont make nothing but movies that feature martial arts. But shoot one muthafucka. Steven Segal used to shoot niggas all the time! Whats the fuckin problem!  I dont understand…

You know what… The Bacardi and Cola guys stand kinda close together. Why? Why is them two dudes always standing so close at a party full of women? And then, what is it ( well i know the drink , but…) that is suppose to be attracting these women to them? I know its not the fact that they are standing so close together at some kinda function. Im sure the camera shot could with stand them taking a step or two offa each other. Im not homophobic, but that commercial makes me a lil uncomfortable. I feel like somebody is standing that close to me. I find my self trying to get some phantom individual manifested by my imagination, the fuck up offa me.

Why do the they try to make that white lady on that show “The Closer”, Kyra Sedgwick look sexy?? This bitch looks like kermit the frog’s grandmother. I dont give a fuck if you were doctor 90210 himself, youre not going to beautify this bitch by no stretch of anybodys imagination.  Shit. Bitch is ugly.

Currently… There is a commercial about a moter powered wheel chair, the shit is called a Hover-round. Its for old people ( A Larry Flint mobile… ). They got a buncha old people on here singing, talkin about something i love you. Im way too blowed for this lmao. These niggas are super happy. its hilarious. The product was invented by a dude name Tom Kruse. This guy, clearly an inovator, wasnt the sharpest when it came to gimicks to market his product. Firstly because he got old people singing in his commercial lol. Secondly, he could have called that shit something WAY lamer than the Hover-round lol. I mean if he was gonna be that fuckin lame… he might as well named that shit after his self. And called it the Kruser, by Tom Kruse.Duh…

Anyway… im about to eat great even late out this bitch.

The INS is back… love it all over again!