Uhmah Park

this is the coldest fuckin computer to hit the market ever.

the new apple power mac g5

the shit looks like a fuckin monster to me.

i dont get excited about too many things including money, but one thing i DO get excited over… ELECTRONICS! i love electronics of all kind, well… practical ones… i still cant fuck with 2 ways.

anyway… this shit here is the shit and i have to have one.

the muthafucka has a 64bit processor! which means it can support up to 8 gigs of ram!! i thought i was doing big thangs with my pc that has 1 gig of ram ( that is pretty fast mind you ) i cant even imagine what i could do with 8 fuckin gigs of ram… all computers now are 32 bit… and only support of to 4 gigs of ram… but shit… you would have to come out the ASS for a mother board that could even even support 2 gigs a ram ( bout 300 last time i checked — bout a year ago ). not only does it support 8 hot ass gigs of ram… but it also supports 500 gigs of hard drive space… what a nigga could do with that? psshhhh fuck if i know…. i only have 20 gigs of mp3’s. thats alotta space.

it suppose to be quieter than the current g4 thats out now… which i can testify to being pretty fuckin loud for a gotdamn computer… these shits get HOT. it has individual cooling bays to keep shit runnin like its suppos to.

standard features include a super drive ( means a dvd / cd burner ) which cracks. 1 firewire 800 slot… this shit here imma have to fuck with for my self…. i know usb is only pushin 100mb per second… and the regular firewire is pushin 400… which makes shit like external cd writers work faster ( incase you wanted to know – it takes me 3 min to burn a whole cd — i have a firewire card on my cd with a 24x firewire burner ). but firewire thats movin at 800mb per second? i dont know… that sound pretty damn serious! these shits also come with a 160 gig hard drive… which SUPER cracks…. there is also a build to order option for a 250 gig hard drive ( FUCK! )
which this new architecture… i suspect all the old mac heads that talk shit about the sluggishness of OS X will be able to shut the hell up. the 64 bit technology and all the damn speed should make things pop and responsive like OS 9 is/was. except for it wont crash if you look at that shit wrong ( i loathe os 9 )

these shits is expensive tho… they start at 2k… and the cold business one is 3k.

i swear they need to hire me to do a commercial… ( even tho im typing this shit from my pc lol )

apple is also about to realease OS 10.3 ” Panther ” ( OS 10.2 is called Jaguar ) this shit here looks pretty crackin as well. Apple comes out with updates like rappers n shit… droppin every year or two for dat ass. The new finder and ichat are dope… the shit also has a built in faxin feature… so you can send and recieve faxes from your desktop, which cracks… even tho i have no real use for it. Also new to panther is some shit called expose… which looks like it makes going thru your open windows and dragin shit from program to program or desktop to program, hella easy. i know i have that problem often. They also have some shit called font book… which im hoping will replace extensis suitcase which crashes on my black ass often… if they come with a font book server that would be even better.

so yea… today… i am starting up a get OJ a G5 Fund… i am accepting payments thru mail and paypal…. you can paypal me at fuku_payme@five27.com lol. of course i want the cold business 2 ghz one that cost 3k. so please make your donations generious. there is something in it for those that do… i cant figure out what yet… but beleive me… ill make it worth your wild lol. i promise :-). i might have to rob me a muhfucka or two… get my mini crime spree on… somethin. i wish i knew a buncha smokers… shit. i need to make me a quick 5k lol


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