What Would Jesus Do?

The other day, My uncle asked on Facebook, “What Would Jesus Do?” And that got me to thinking… What would Jesus do if he came back one day? So I commented with this:
He would probably do the following:

  • Ask everybody who this jesus guy is. And what in the world is a J?
  • Be mad at the catholics for killing him brutally and mocking his death thru pictures and imagery for hundreds of years.
  • Wonder where all these light skinned jews came from. Im sure the holocaust thing would make him super sad tho.
  • After y’all explain what a jesus is, he would then explain to y’all what he really goes by.
  • After that, he would ask for an explanation on what exactly a christian is, because he’s never heard of such a religion. and if they’re getting down in honor of my name (or the 1 y’all made up for him) then why aren’t u all jewish?
  • But he would probably convert to christianity for protection from the mossad and the hebrews. Because im sure they still aren’t cool with the whole “king of the jews” thing.
  • At some point, Im sure he would hear that this book called a Bible talks about him a lot. And when he gets to the part about his birth and what he looks like. Im sure he would then look in the mirror, look at the pictures of his would be image every where, then look in the mirror again. And wonder if anybody actually read the book foreal. “How did they get THIS image from THIS description” Im certain would be on his mind.
  • He would also probably have a problem with the snuff film about his life called “passion of the christ”

Lol sorry uncle, im my dads child. I couldn’t help myself lolol. Happy post sabbith! ūüėÄ
love ya uncle!

— end.

I thought it was pretty funny. I added the last two points because I thought of them just now lol. However, my uncle responded with this:

Love you too nephew! I used to be good at straining gnats too, til my time came. One day that camel chokes every Burrough! ūüėČ

I was confused as fuck by this, so I asked for clarity.

It means I used to obsess/get lost over the details (gnats) too until my inability to control the bigger things in life (camels, i.e. my health, my family, my Self.) humbled me. BTW, you can call my name in any dialect and I’ll know who you’re talking to … if you’re sincere. You can honor me on any day of the week and I’ll receive it … if you’re sincere. You can dog me out, lie about me, dishonor me, mock me, try to hurt me, etc. and then ask for my forgiveness and I’ll forgive you … if you’re sincere. Cause that’s what Yeshua would do. However, if you’re not sincere or sorry and don’t ask for my forgiveness … then judgement is unavoidable.

To that, I responded:

ah, i see. i believe in detail (gnats) and they are important to me. i usually find that they are important to everything. especially when dealing with camels. otherwise, you can find your self tricked and roped in with the heard.
meaning you are at the mercy of some one else hand and ideas.

when i felt choked by the camel. i went to therapy. i learned a lot about myself and human behavior. i learned where i fall short in certain situations, and where i excel. i learned the meaning of a lot of terms that opened my eyes to how i handle things, things other people were doing to me, and why some things turn out the way that they do.
for example, i learned what passive aggressive behavior is, in therapy. Ive read on it tons of times and never understood. but when it was explained to me in a way i finally understood. I was able to change a part of me that i didnt know was there and how it was affecting my life. Ive been a happier person every since.

there is knowledge in details. thats why i feel that details are important. to ignore and disregard details, is ignoring and disregarding knowledge. I feel that would be ignoring the blessing of good sense that God gave to me. knowledge is power. Power to change things you see/feel like need to be changed for the better. Knowledge is truth and the truth is the light. You cant move forward if you have no light to help you see your path.


I didnt post that to show how much of a smart ass I am with my¬†relatives¬†lol. Or for the religious aspect. But I feel that there are a lot people, especially Black people, who sit on the fence between Church and …. well for lack of a better term, something other than church. In regards to the problems, trails and tribulations they are faced with.
I know alot of people who want to feel like they need answers. And Im not saying they ARE NOT getting those answers from church and their respective faiths. Im saying I know what its like to need something a bit more “solid” and “clear”.

Theres nothing wrong with feeling that way. I would describe church, religion, faith etc, is more of a over all guide of morals and structure for being a decent person. But when it comes to YOU as a person and individual. Separate from your family, friends, and the people in which you share faith. You need answers for YOU specifically. Theres nothing wrong with feeling that way.

Ive shared some of my experience with therapy. I believe that shit works. Ive had a lot of people ask me about it, how it went. How has it helped me. Ive seen people be interested and not know what to ask, or where to start. I feel like that deserves its own individual post. But this here, is for all the people that have asked me about going to therapy but also believe that relying on their faith is all they need, but still are some how having trouble with that method. Or maybe its moving too slow, or maybe whatever else is not exactly what you are looking for at the end of the day but you REALLY believe in your faith and the power of your faith. Im not about to say, ditch that at all.

My point in all of this is this. You can do both. Ive seen a few people feel like going to therapy would go against their faith. But Im telling you its not. I could name a million reasons why its not. But I feel the most powerful reason is this: Therapy is FUCKING HARD lol. Its one of those things that are hard as hell, that you wont turn away from if its your choice and you feel that you need it. It takes A LOT of personal strength to make it through therapy. Ive seen a lot of people walk away from therapy because they didnt have the personal strength and resolve to get through it. Well, thats when your faith comes in. I find that people get a lot of resolve and inner strength from their faith and beliefs. The same strength that it takes to get through therapy. Trust me. Ive been there. While I didnt rely on my faith or anything like that. Im pretty non-religious. But I grew up in a Christian family and I used to be one my self. So I know what strength through faith looks and feels like. If I had not have grown up as a Christian, I dont know where I’d be today.¬†Despite¬†my views about the religion.

I feel like, if you have that feeling that you need something more than church to see your way through the things youre going through, then thats God talking to you. Thats your faith, who ever you pray to, your higher power telling you there is a solution out there for you. Its up to you to rely on that faith going through the journey of finding your better self. Thats what every single religion in the world is about. No matter what it is. Finding ones better self and being the best person you can be, with the tools faith, higher power puts in front of you. Thats what I believe. And thats what I’d tell some one who is a strong believer of their faith, but also would like to try therapy.

And to complete this circle. I honestly believe Jesus would tell some one in said situation to trust in him, and also seek the one on one guidance they need to lead to being a better person and a better follower of the faith in the end.

Onward and Upward every one!

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OJ, I REALLY enjoyed reading your post and definitely appreciated the fact that therapy was so beneficial for you. I also believe in therapy’s necessity and benefits and think more people should consider it. I especially want all my relatives to enjoy life to the fullest.

People probably disregard therapy for the same reason they disregard the Scriptures … doing the work IS HARD and most people want a quick fix. They want to say a prayer and have the problem gone. When it’s not, they lose heart and give up.

I believe therapy is necessary though mainly because of the failures of the church. If we had time you’d find that there are fewer vocal Christian critics of Christianity than myself. I agree that it has counterfeited a lot of what the Messiah intended His faith to be.

So I’m not surprised that a lot of folks disregard it. In fact, I could list a LOT more failures of Christianity and it’s churches, however … for every counterfeit there is a genuine article. And it’s worth discovering.

I also believe in what you say about details … they are necessary. However I also believe that they should be balanced with the big picture. I think we oughta be able to appreciate the forest AND the trees. Giving one or the other too much focus is unbalanced and another shortcoming of mankind.

If we only focus of on the details of the faith’s shortcomings and disregard it’s strengths then we’re being unbalanced. So in all fairness, Christ would also find some things he could appreciate about how His faith is being represented just as well as He’d find some disturbing, unacceptable things.

More important to Him though than finding some positive things about how His faith is being represented would be whether or not those who are doing good believed what others said about Him or if they believed what He said about Himself. Is He who He said He is? Did He do the things He said He did? And can He do what He said He’d do? These are details worth considering too.

These are details you can’t let your parents or society decide for you. They’re worth investigating for yourself. That’s why I’m a follower and believer in the Christ … in spite of all the damage and lies that mankind has committed in His name. I believe what He said.

I know at this point you’ll probably question the validity of the Scriptures and argue for their corruption also. But I’d challenge you to again, do the HARD work and investigate both sides of that argument.

BTW, I do REALLY appreciate your insight and intelligence. Your Mom was right about you. And I’m not offended that you think for yourself and challenge whatever I say. I respect that. I’m glad you don’t swallow things just because … And whatever you believe is right for you is your right to believe and it’s valid.

Love and Peace to you!

I hadn’t ever heard of it so I needed some time to research it. First I went to their site to see what they had to say about themselves. After reading their FAQs, where their beliefs are expanded upon, I got the same feeling I get when I explore other belief systems (including traditional Christianity). There’s a lot of truth and good information but also some significant shortcomings. I like their love ethic, their diversity, and their focus on helping people live fuller lives. I can definitely understand it’s appeal. It even sounded like the atmosphere would be very enjoyable. Then I looked online for any criticisms and could only find praise. That surprised me. Then I came upon the YouTube posting of the Agape church’s leader on the Oprah Winfrey show saying he believed that being gay was a gift from God. Well, needless to say I couldn’t swallow that one. Not that I’m a hater of homosexuals, but that just ain’t true. In all fairness, God doesn’t condone fornicators, idolaters or adulterers either though. So Christians who focus on the sin of homosexuality and ignore the other sexual sins are hypocrites and give their faith a bad name. I also found that the leader of the Agape church was intimately connected with the book entitled, The Secret. I couldnt swallow that either. The following site discusses many of this book’s shortcomings: Finally, my main problem with the leader was his stance on the Christ. According to his FAQs page, he denies that Christ is who He says He is. Like many others, he uses the Scriptures, but only to prove his point. You either accept it all or not at all in my book. To all the doubters I always say, I agree that the Scriptures have been misused and misinterpreted, and there has even been some problems in it’s translations, but they are insignificant. No other book in the world is as correct or as complete concerning mankind than this Book. It judges all other books and opinions. Then I point them to a book entitled, Evidence that Demands a Verdict, which presents the best case for the Bible I’ve found. Well, I assume you didn’t expect all this feedback but hey, that’s me. I wish I could recommend and even find the perfect church myself but they probably don’t exist, not in this country anyway. And since I’m imperfect I fit right in anyway. However I have yet to find any fault with Christ or enough fault with the Scriptures to doubt them. I once heard the church is like a hospital, there’s a lot of sick people in there. Some are taking the treatment and getting better and some aren’t, so you gotta be real careful when you choose your roomates.

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