Uhmah Park

ahh hell naw

Syl says ” GOD created the earth in 7 days… he probably wears “Mules” ( i dont know what mules are..some kinda slip ons she said… flip flops maybe? anyway—> ) yea mules you know those slip ons? he created tha earth in 7 days… he’s trying to kick it… thats alotta work… *mumble mumble mumbe*” she passed out on a nigga… she was half sleep…

people keep sending me im’s laughin at me because im wondering what kinda shoes GOD wears.

it aint that funny…

people talkin to me like im strange n shit.

is it YOU who would be talk to ME like IM strange?


ME lookin at YOU cockeyed because not only are you thinking along the same lines of a guy who can barely escape bordum and thinks on stupid shit…

but YOU are commin at ME with your OWN ideas about what kinda shoes that GOD could possibly wear.

lol i can be strange… but you sittin right next to me in tha “strange muhfucka” class, wondering if Jesus rocks a platnum chain or somethin else retarded