What Could Possibly Better Than Snakes On A Plane?!?!

Nothing. Thats what. But Im MORE than certain than this shit here…. this shit here nigga…. Would put up a suburb fight.

HILARITY!!!! First off. Snakes On A Plane is one of my favorite movies. That shit is fucking hilarious. I would buy it on dvd. But I swear I’m waiting for it to come out on Blu Ray. That is seriously one of the all time great movies. I promise these are my true feelings. Im sure youre wondering, why does this fool think snakes on a plane is a great movie. Well, honestly… if you have to wonder that. Then youll never have your answer. lol And you need to just live with that.
I’ll admit. When I first heard there was gonna be a movie called Snakes On A Plane. I just immediately assumed that it would be a dumb ass movie. But then I saw Sam L on his press tour, and he was just sold about the greatness of this movie. So much so, he fucking sold me on it. I couldnt believe it. He actually got me excited to see it. He was so damn enthusiastic about the shit and Ive loved pretty much love most of Sams movie so I had to believe this was gonna be great, just because Sam said it was. And Boy was he right. This movie was saturated in awesomeness lol. Thats all I can really say. Some people have a strong appreciation for shit like this. I’d be one of those people.

When I first heard of the movie and even after Sam explained the movie, I still couldnt understand how they could make this into a real movie. But dammit… They did. So I could really only fucking imagine where they would go with Bears… on a muthafuckin Submarine! Seriously. I know this is some fake internet image and this movie will never be made. But dammit, I would REALLY LOVE for this movie to be made!!! Id be there at the premiere and every thing! I dont think it could be better than Snakes On A Plane, sequels rarely hold up. But this looks like it would be super great in its own right lol. The funniest thing about this though, is that PeeWee Herman would be in this shit. He did a great job in Blow. But if he would play anything between those two characters… damn lol!

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2 Responses to “What Could Possibly Better Than Snakes On A Plane?!?!”

  1. Once again, there you go being dead ass wrong! Here is the accurate assesment of this movie as im sure most will testify too. However before i post it, I must admit I would be quick to purchase a ticket for bears on a submarine!

    Snakes on the plan is the most god awful horrific concept ever to grace the brain of any living human being. what kinda asshole, would come up witha scenario so demented, that they would have hundred of people stuck on airplane 30,000 feet in the sky…stuck as fuck with nowhere to go but fuckin nuts!
    I must preface this by saying I have a phobia of fuckin snakes, I cant stand to be in they presence. If I were on a plan with full of fuckin snakes, man, I would do one of 2 things. And honestly it would be only one real option I would consider, and that is killing myself. I would want to fuckin kill myself, if i was on a plane stuck as fuck, with a thousand snakes. I wouldn?t even want to try to survive tot he end of the trip to get off the plane. If I saw one fuckin snake on a plane I was on, I would fuckin lose my gotdamn mind! But yea, If I were stuck with snakes on a plane, I would want to kill myself. One problem, you cant even bring fuckin nail clippers onto the plane! So good luck trying to find a sharp instrument to stab yourself to death. If I did, I would probably stab my eyeballs out first, so I wouldn?t have to see the snakes, before plunging the instrument directly into my heart multiple times till I died. I imagine it would be a slow death that?s why i would stab my eyes out, so i wouldn?t have to see anymore fuckin snakes while i was dying. Although i would be concerned that I would be suffering a slow death and i might not see any snakes that would be around me as I died. Cuz believe me, even as i lay there in a pool of my own blood gasping for my last breath, my first and main concern would not be getting touched by a fuckin snake! if i couldn?t find a sharp instrument, than i would be assed the fuck out! I would try to grab one of those in flight magazines, and just give my self a fatal paper cut across my neck if I had too. Just go Colombian Neck tie with the “SkyMall” magazine. ( *side note* Why does the “Sky Mall” magazine have the coolest shit ever invented on the face of the earth? But you can never find that shit available at any regular ass commercial retailers? Seriously these niggas is on the verge of advertising flying cars for sale) or maybe if I cant get my hands on one of those big ass magazines, Ill just rip out the oxygen mask, and use the cord to hang myself. One problem with that though, I would be too scared to pull the fuckin mask out, for fear of a snake falling out and landing on my ass! So I?m assed out there. I would be trying to kick the fuckin exit door open or something. If I was unable to kill myself, I would probably just curl up into a little ass ball and start crying my ass off like a little punk ass baby just thinking that I?m about to get eaten alive by 896 snakes. My phobia of snakes is so bad, that I cant even look at snakes on TV. I have fuckin hurt myself from jumping so high when a random ass snake flashed across my TV. For a long time when i would channel surf, say i was flipping channels, Ill flip from channel 2 all the way through channel 999. But my black ass would be sure to purposely skip over that ever channel the discovery channel is, or a nature channel, any channel that might be showing some kinda documentary on snakes. (……to continue reading the rest of this bullshit please go to the above URL, or copy and paste this and scroll down till you see the title “Punk Ass Fuckin Snakes”