Uhmah Park

man… i hardly ever watch BET.

they do some shit that… eehhh fuck it… why complain? its easier to just not watch it.


i wanted to see a interview on bet tonite.

but i blew it… because i was sititn here and after it went off… i fucked up and didnt turn off the tv. end up watchin midnight love…

i HATE most r and b… some of it is alright… but for the most part? that shit is awful.

first video that comes on…

musiq… i guess dude has a new cd or single or something ( i have his first cd, pretty tight… i was surprised… i didnt think id like it ) the video that came on was half crazy… i half listened to it… but it sounded like it was cool. most of his cd was. i like dude.. he gets busy.

next comes faiths video… i love you… i got bored after the first 20 seconds… but then again… it takes more than a good lookin female, and cleavage to keep my attention. that shit was boring.

everything after that is a blur… until……………………….

this video by remy shad ( or some shit like that ) comes on….

i dont know who tha fuck this is… like i said… i dont watch bet or videos for the most part.

so im watchin.. and there is this ( im thinking, i wasnt studying tha whole scene ) hella light skin dude walkin down tha street with a big ass guitar. ok… then tha camera goes to a shot to this club spot… it said some shit like ” Neo Soul Cafe “. i thought to my self… ahh i thought they said it wasnt neo soul… it was good music or some shit like that? and how fuckin corny is ” neo soul cafe “. so anyway… this light skin dude, or so i was REALLY thinking now since that shit said neo soul cafe on tha outside… rolls up to what looks like tha club owner/manager with his lil berret on ( which i thought was a tad suspect because the shit did say neo soul cafe on tha outside… so this video is really gettin corny now ) and he gives tha motion for dude to go up on stage after some words or whatever. and ill be gotdamned if tha light skin dude turned out to really be a white guy?!?!?! i almost had to wake somebody up out they damn sleep….

WHAT?!?! a white guy? neo soul? dammit!!!


now im not really tryin to hate on tha guy, he could actually be making good music, i dont know, not like i bothered to listen to it, give him a chance or watched tha video all that much. but still lol what do i know? anyway… the lil peices of the video i did catch… what i got from it… was this white guy rolls up in a club… and there is basicly nothing goin on… then he starts to proform… then people start comming in… comming from where ever they was in tha spot to hear dude… and first most of the people ( black people ) are taken back ( apperently somebody knows this isnt tha norm ) like what tha fuck? then all of a sudden they are like… well its alright… and by the video everybody is groovin and dude is tha shit… walks out of the club all successful and i suppose a color barrer is broken. and i THINK by the end of the video there were some white people in the crowd… but i dont all tha way remember. but i do remember there were a ganga black people dude was proforming for… so i guess dude is portraying his self as accepted ( mighty damn convienant when you pay everybody to be there ).


now here is where the problem lies…

tha whole video seems like a gotdamn set up if you ask me.

because at the begining they let everybody know that a white guy “singing neo soul” really isnt the norm… or else everybody in tha club ( in his OWN fuckin video ) wouldnt have been so fuckin shocked.

and then there wouldnt have been the whole… ” hey, he is actually kinda cool ” period of the video. so this lets me know that there arent too many white people doing the whole “neo soul” thing. since i been out of the loop for so long, because i dont watch videos or listen to the radio ( salvation if you ask me ) i dont know if white people normally be on some neo soul shit ( outside of patronage ), i really wasnt knowin at first. but these are the clues that put a me on as to what was tha norm ( even tho i still could be wrong… but hey… this is just what i peeped out lol ). anyway. then here we have the part of the video where this guy gets “accepted” and everything is cool… psshh does this mean I TOO am suppose to just accept this guy too?!?!?! just because a buncha muthafuckas was paid too be on some “OK” shit?!?! seems like peoples thoughts are being led in a particular direction to me. because i know for a fact that just by the way the video went… there are gonna be SEVERAL dumb asses who are gonna be like… yea… he’s white… but he’s ok. just because of the video. not really even listening to what the fuck kinda shit he is on. when if the video wouldnt have went like that, most of these same muthafuckas would have just shruged dude off. like eehh. but people are sheep and easy to lead.

dude is probably tha brain child of some record exec. trying to tap the market his/her own way. this guy whole cd is probably a summary of all tha sh.it thats been out for the last couple years.

but then again… im not too big on the whole “neo soul” thing to begin with. if imma like it… imma like it… i dont care what kinda label people try to give it. most of that shit is still wack reguardless. i dont care how a muhfucka change it up. or how much more soulful it get. i still dont like r and b all that much…


my point is… we cant have shit to our selves for the most part. except the word ” nigga”, like thats something to cherish, and even thats being infultraited

truth be told i wouldnt have went on this whole thing if the video didnt feel so much like a set up lol.