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We’re Gonna Boycott Potato Chips!


Let me tell you why first. While i sit here with my ever evolving Big Juave Style Chicken Nachos. Soon to be the greatest Nachos any human has ever tasted ever. Im still adjusting the recipe though. So thats why they aint the absolute greatest, they are just one of the greatest. But total domanince of the Nacho game is near. Keep an eye out for em.

Anyway… So while i was making my Big Juave Style Chicken Nachos, I looked at the bag of tostitos Hint Of Lime Torilla Chips that i use in my Nachos, and I noticed that the fuckin bag is only half way full. Possibly less. Its a pretty big bag though, and im like damn… 60% of the contents of this big ass bag that probably cost me like 3 bucks, is full of fucking air. Where is the muthafuckin justice? Its certinaly not in that gotdamn bag, ill tell ya that much!

I say we boycott Potato Chip Companies for insulting our collective inteligence! NOTHING ELSE is packaged like that. JUST potato chips! And for what? Im sure most people first thought is to make it seem like its more. But truth be told, Im blowed, and this is a blowed thought. Although let it be know that i do realize that the air is in the bag like that because it protects the chips from being nothing but crumbs by the time it gets to you, the consumer. I realize that. But what im saying is… my bag of chips, and every other bag of chips when i bought them, was 60% AIR! Im sorry, im not fuckin stupid! Yes, protect my chips, i dont want a bag of crumbs. But if imma pay that much for chips, why cant it be 60% Chips in the fuckin bag! and 40% air to protect the chips! Im more than sure thats a good amount of chip protecting air.

Another reason we should boycott chips is because some brands of chips dont give a single solotrary fuck, and will have a CLEAR bag, and SHOW us how much they ARE NOT going to give us up front. And know we are still going to buy the shit! How fucked up is that? Very if you ask me. Down right arrogant. All you Kobe haters out there should deffinitly be with me just because of that fact along. This means you too Raja Bell ( with your punk ass ). Every Kobe hater can not stand that “he is so arrogant”, well if thats the case, focus that same hate on Potato Chip companies! For blantenly making clear bags so you can see how much they are fucking you over. And there aint SHIT you can do about it! They do it on purpose to tease us and stick it to us, because we are STILL going to buy that half ass bag of chips! Thats arrogance at its finest… WHOS WITH ME?!

If we stick together, we can do it. Potato Chip Companies are snack facist! They must be stoped! We must get more chips. Like in a pringles can, what a great deal that is! Right? You can fill up 9 little potato chip bags with one can of pringles. But one bag of chips cost the same as one can of pringles. Why dont all potato chip companies go to that format? Because they wanna rip you off! They dont care about value, or you, or the fact they are practacly spitting in your face by offering up their bullshit!

So yea… boycott chip companies until they get they act together!

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Yes. You were blowed when you wrote this. Blowed and eating… AND!!! I know because I experienced similar frustration in the same state of mind with those dang bags of air they put in packages they mail to you to keep your fragile stuff in tact during travel. For real? Its just going to be a company (called The Sealed Air Company) who put AIR in a BAG and SELLS it to shipping companies as packaging material. WHY didn’t I think about bagging AIR for that?


And Pringles get you because they are over priced.

Great post.

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