Uhmah Park

this could be long as shit.

so yea… its been a min since i paid this thing any attention.
and well… so? lol.
a couple of things happen.

too many muthafuckas asked me if i was “retiring from the internet/blogging” when i clearly stated that i would ONLY IF, AND ONLY IF…. ONLY IF… this thing started to fuck with my cash flow.

fuck this… im about to smoke. then go to jack in the box.

and… were back. ( 45 min & four different jack in the box locations near you… that aint open at 2am. )

but yes… anyway. i know i cant spell. but fuck. there is no excuse for medicore reading comprehension levels. if you can read the words. you should be able to understand them shits in a logical formulated manner. whats so hard about that?
fuck it…
besides… would i be so lame as to announce a retirement from the internet/blogging? fuck no! shit would just disappear like a muthafucka. i aint jay-z, or the duce tray ( micheal jordan ) or rick james ( LMAO!!! ) or some shit. no press confernce or interview needed. lol

so… no. im not going anywhere.

although.. ive been ignoring this shit… and i havent been on the internet lately.
(but i DO check my email everyday… more than once)

why? ive been running the streets. its like my favorite passtime.
so yea… my summer started a lil while back. my summers usually last from march to september/october ( when ever it start to get cold ). basiclly from the first hot day… till i have to wear long pants three days in a row. lol.

time out… whos line is it anyway is the muthafuckin guts.

anyway… so… ive been enjoying the warm weather lately. i love summer… i love the sun. its great. the cold is evil! what chracther ever has been not cold in some respects, that was evil? theyve always been cold… or cold hearted… or something along those lines. except of course…. the devil himself. so… if everything evil is generally cold. then warm ( read: hotter shit ) should be everything that aint evil, which would be synomious with great right? there you have it!

so yea… its warm, it cracks. ive been out in the streets more often. i dont go outside when its cold too much, fuck that. i wont go outside for weeks at a time. ask anybody. lol. but this good mood ive been in… its werid… when im in a better mood… i drink more and smoke more. when shit aint going so well i tend to induldge less. i feel like im trying to run away from my problems. fuck that.

so whats new holmes?

well… a couple of weeks ago… i got a brand new bed. its my first new bed since i was little and me and my sister had bunkbeds. i got a cali king… from leeds over in conoga park. i got that shits hit for a reasonable price. ( $850 ). the muthafucka is comfortable. im sleepin better… and for more than 4 and 5 hours n shit. its great. i have more energy during the day. im in a better mood more often n shit. it goes down! shits fuckin comfortable. and this might make me look bad lol. but for those who have been in my bed ( lol ) and are reading this… thinking this is bad news because my old cali king was pretty damn comfortable. fear not. my shit feels way better now! the old shit had my hips hurtin n shit… i sleep on my side… that shit had my legs hurtin and everything. fuck it… fuck that… fuck the old shit. in with the new shit. it goes down.

i also got a new cell phone… it cracks… i got it because it had speaker phone. no… i did not get a lame ass camera phone ( screw all naysayers! them shits suck ) camera phones are for suckas. they are borderline republican. but… i love speakerphone… people hate speakerphone. because when people are on speaker phone… the receiver is pretty far away… so you have to yell. and the person on the other end… feels like youre yelling at them all the time. and back in the day… speakerphone used to suck. you used to not be able to hear shit. shit used to break up… it was bad. but people are still used to it. so they still yell. and people think it still sucks… i love speakerphone tho… you call my sell phone… chances are youre gonna end up on speaker phone.

what else happen… oh yea… two weekends ago sucked… i was told on friday that i had to be in fucking CHURCH sunday. gotdamn i was mad. i mean… i know i had to go n shit. but fuck… i thought i had a week or a two into march. not the FIRST weekend in march. i had shit i wanted to do and go to n shit… but church fucked that ALL up for me. fucked off my whole weekend. i was so pissed. so yea… this was Church Round 4. but… there is no big entry… no jokes and what not. i was up in there playing tetris on my new phone. lol oh well. i hate church. church never does me any good. this time when i went… it wasnt all that hot outside… but it was hot as fuck inside. i didnt understand how that was possible. i would also like to point out… that in alot of churches… its decorated in red. i would also like to point out that most churches are filled with muthafuckas that are fulla shit.
what that sound like to you? lol
but i only really go for my mom… who goes for my grandfather. yes… the guy in the picture with me on the about page. i honestly dont think he giva fuck if i show up or not. but its important to my mom, because its important to him that she is there. eh. none the less… i gotta sit thru it. every year. and thank God that its over. Church aint for me. i believe in God. but im cool on church… and not because its FILLED with people who are fulla shit.

i also bought some 12’s from the homie… but it turns out my old shit worked… i just didnt have em hooked up right ( im talkin about the speakers in my car ). i was kinda upset. its cool tho… i can still use them shits.

i just got back from del taco… the jack in the crezzies was closed. damn them. however. im full as fuck.

what else has happen in the last couple of days?

i joined the gym… i joined la fitness… really what won me over is they had a basketball cournt in that bitch. im so happy lol. i havent balled since fuckin june. ive smoked a decent amount way before then… then way after them… all summer… all fall and winter. and now… today. i managed to run a mile. i couldnt believe it. it took a nigga a good 12 min lol but still. i was proud of my self. ive always hated running. but i kept it rollin. im not as out of shape as i thought.

oh… friday. friday night… i went out to my parents house, in fontanta. i was out there kickin it with my sister my cousin renee and then we went and picked up dani. 12 oclock hit and it was happy birthday dani! we went over to renee house… and on the way we bought some bacardi… and i think dani came up on some vodka or somethin… i dont know where she got this shit from. but she had some gordons vodka ( that shit! lol ) and some apple pucker lol. along with some apple twist smirnofs
we went over to renee apt… and got fucked up. well……. i got my sister fucked up lol REAL fucked up. lol she was so fuckin drunk. i was making STRONG ass drinks… and she was downing them… i couldnt believe it. that nigga RJ was smater than her… he sipped on his all night. my sister went outside on the patio, came back in and was GONE lol. she was all belidgerent n shit lol. loud as fuck… and wanted to fight anybody who looked like they wanted some lol that shit was so funny.
then all of a sudden… she slowed down… got quiet. and made her way to the bathroom. me rj and dani sat there for a min… and yoni still aint came out. so we get up… go knock on the door… and all we hear is THUMP THUMP THUD!!! we open the door and peek in… rj says… all he saw was yoni legs stickin out of the bathtub… but no yoni… i peek in and yoni has pulled her self up out the tub… she kinda wet… and she is lookin around on some… yall didnt see that shit… but she was HELLA SERIOUS… she popped up… eyes all big… like imma play this off fuck that! she walked out the other door to the bathroom… and went and sat on the couch… lookd back like “what yall doing?”
LMAO!! shit was the guts… yoni new name is Blidgerentness.
What wasnt the guts is when yoni started to throw up in the fucking sink! she had the water on and pluged up the fuckin sink with chunks of throw up. that shit was SO FUCKING GROSS… me and rj was in the bathroom with yoni… trying to help her out… hold her braids n shit. we had to put her over the tub tho… because she filled the fuckin sink up. me and rj was sittin up there lookin at the sink and each other like ” one of us is gonna have to unplugg this bitch ”
and how is a matter like this handled? the only way it can be! ROCK PAPER SISCORS NIGGA!! the first three tries… TIED! it was getting tense… on the forth… RJ: Rock … OJ: Siscors… RJ won… OJ gets to stick his fucking hand in a sink full of his sisters earlier meal. that shit was so fucking gross… i had to breath thru my mouth the whole time. i ended up having to get my plummer on… with my trusty assistant dani lol. i unhooked that shit and that throw up went into the bucket… that along with water and old hair and some other shit. it was so fuckin gross… i go to start cleaning up. then all of a sudden… dani is walking BACK in the bathroom… with an empty bucket. im like… uhh dani… what did you do with that shit that was in the bucket?
dani ass thru the shit off the balcony… into the grass and the bushes.. lol that shit was nasty lol. rj ass was sittin on the couch gigglin like a muthafucka… we was all buzzed at least… i was way more drunk than i let on of course. i cant speak on dani’s inbreation level. but she helped me clean up that nasty ass bathroom and take care of my sister. on her birthday. dani is the greatest! yoni had a hangover like a muthafucka… she dont remember telling rj she was gonna whoop his ass several times… or falling in tub lmao. gotdamn that shit was funny as fuck.
Good times… as Errin would say. and lastly… while im mentioning people with birthdays in march… id like to say Happy Birthday to Marina as well as Dani and Errin, whos birthdays have since pasted. and Peta Gay ( no site or picture yet lol )… whos birthday is coming up.

man… im tired. im blacking out.


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