Uhmah Park

Guttie Shit

We Were Bad But Now Were Good, Were Moving Into Your Neighborhood

… were not here to start no trouble.

I present to you the sex offender shuffle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfCYZ3pks48

Deep in my heart, i know this is a joke. But a giant piece of me doesnt want it to be!!!

I still havent been able to laugh at this. Way too gutty. There is way too much ( too much too much too much its just too much—inside joke ) going on in this video. I seriously dont even know where the fuck to start.

I feel like, i could spend the next week laughing at this shit. Or I can go be a responsible adult and take care of my business and my family. I cant do both LMAO one will suffer lol Im fucking walking away. Enjoy!!