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W.A.S. Award For Ultimate Triffleness goes to Cory Holcomb

This months We Aint Shit Award is well deserved. Firstly, people ask me what W.A.S. is all the time. W.A.S. stands for We Aint Shit. Whos the We? My cousin JD and I. An ex-girlfriend of mine, used to call me and this nigga JD the “aint shits” because of some of the exploits we’ve pulled over the years. I thought it was a joke. Who knew she really felt that way? For years lol!! Couldnt stand me, hated a nigga lol kept it to her self. Anyway. To be honest though, we really arent much of shit as far as it comes to what we think is funny or not. Me, I’ll laugh at practically anything. The more fucked up it is. The funnier I think it is. This is the funniest shit I’ve seen since…. I dont know when.

Some of this shit was overly funny…. too funny to really laugh at. Good GOD!!!  This nigga killed me! I’ve done some trifflen ass shit in my life. But this nigga here?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I dont care how many times I would TRY to tell these jokes. I couldnt get not one of em out with a straight face. Ive been trying to tell people about this shit all day. I cant with out laughing. this shit is the GUTS!

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