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Vote For Hydo / Kush Is Good

Sometime in 2004 or 2005, I was noticing that every celebrity was coming out with some kind of clothing line or perfume line or some kind of other line of whatever the hell. So as a joke, I said, Im going to make a Clothing line called "Chronic Couture". So of course, random OJ. One blowed day, I was watching a Laker game or something and I just ended up making a couple just to pass some time. I put up a t-shirt store on spreadshirt and just let these just sit there. I told a few people about them. But no major marketing effort. I thought it was more funny than anytyhing.

But now, there is a new measure on the ballot here in California to really legalize Marijuana. Real reform and regulation (Visit TaxCannabis.org for more info). And Im all for it. So to show my support I am relaunching my "VOTE FOR HYDRO" T-Shirts. Because Pedro cant do shit for you! Hydro brings joy to every ones lives, brings people together and will bring the state out of financial anarchy lol. With every purchase a donation will be made towards the cause!

Also, because I love women smokers. There are Vote For Hydo t-shirts for women as well


There are a few different colors and styles available. More after the jump.