Uhmah Park


This looks like everything Justin Timberlake was not talking about in his song ‘Sexy Back’

I see this and I have to ask my self, what does one have to eat to obtain such a frame? Gummi worms and hogmogs? shit.

what does the front of her look like? Maybe shes so ugly, her titties ran to her back?

and shes knock kneed. But its very well possible that her knees have collapse from the pressure of holding up her top up!

at least she match tho. not really.

is that gout on her legs? I was informed you cant see gout, but well… you be the judge. What in the fuck is that on her legs lol Im no expert here. Im just high as fuck and came across this picture on twitter.

Is that a sports bra of some sort she has on? Is it holding up her front or her back?

normally your purse strap is suppose to come around your back and down to your hip. hers… didnt make it that far down.
speaking of her purse strap… is her chin swallowing the other portion of the purse strap?

and is it me, but for whatever reason, it just seems like she had a beard or some kinda stubble or chin hair on that face…

I wonder how far she has to walk… and how much her thighs have to rub together… until her ass swallows her pants? … or sweats. or whatever stretchy cotton garment that is providing that ill visual.

her hair situation though… a bun to the side? interesting choice considering the shape of her head. her corn rows look like they fade into a row of naps.

is her shirt on backwards? i ask because that hole is really big. it looks like a stunt man is gonna be fired out of that shit or something.

I wonder if shes ever seen that mean ass crease in her back? I wonder if she feels it? You know she sweat alot. and im sure thats the first wet spot. that crease.

But no seriously…. what do you have to eat to get a body like that? 3 Luthers a day?

whos legs did she sit in between to get those corn rows?

she has an automatic recline when she sleeps. Probably helps with eating, being laid up in the bed and sleeping all in the same spot and the same position. im sure that back makes it really easy. those are probably bed sores on her legs. not that i know what those look like either.

I wonder what she is there to buy? what if she was there to buy minstrel cycle supplies? would that be gross to you, or just further confirm that its a girl?

have you seen beuwolf? and you know how the man who is power hungry sleeps with the weird thing (anglia jolie) and she has the monster baby that hunts the kingdom of the king in 18 years or whatever… it looks like alice the goon slept with the weird thing. and blam. This girl is tall as fuck lol. she is towering over the other two ladies in the shot!

i wonder if she wears tight clothes to show of her figure?

I wonder if somebody told her she looked good in what she has on. I wonder if somebody told her she matched??

I wonder if that top was somebody elses and she stretched it out?

good lord… just hit the track already. clearly there is a huge problem.


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