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Underrated Pleasure

this might be a lil vulgar for some people… but ahh fuck it.

i personally think that taking a piss is an underated pleasure. everytime i REALLY have to take a piss…and i finially get to releive my self… i can not discribe how great that shit is. for some reason i dont think people embrass the pleasure of taking a piss.
when people talk about things that please them the most… nobody ever says taking a piss… i can understand how a muhfucka might not be lookin forward to having to piss, like YES i have to piss again!! but once the piss is actually taken. the shit is great!

i dont know… maybe its just me.

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Havin the relief off your bladder is alwayz a good thang.. Especially if u drank a hella lot and can’t get to a bathroom.. lol.. Can’t say that it’s a Great thang doe.. But I got a homie who gets a real joy outta taking a shit.. I don’t understand that.. lol

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