Uhmah Park

It goes down. That is correct, after a good 3 plus years of looking the same… i have finally updated the look and feel of Uhmah Park. And alot of other shit has changed as well….
Such as, after almost mastering Movabletype ( although my past site did not reflect my MT skills what so ever lol ) i decided to ditch MT, because it was pissing me the fuck off ( As the foot of this sitewill state forever lol ). No longer could i deal with the rebuild times and CGI bullshit of MT, i just couldnt take it no more. As chance would have it, at the same time i was feed the fuck up with MT, i discovered that WordPress had updated to version 2.0, and some of the bloggers i read used it, and i always admired the features and said it would be nice if MT would come with some of those features. Well, they havent and wont, so i made the switch. and im pretty satisfied. This shit is WAY easier to work with. Although i just jumped into it. Im learning pretty fast. But that also means this site is a work in progress and im bound to fuck it up a good two times lol.

As for how this site is constructed, Ive been wanting to do this shit here for at 4 years now. My last site was a temporary holder for me to learn how to do this shit. But work, life, and laziness got in the way. Lucky for me though, because this shit would have been WAY harder to pull off 3 years ago ( flash 5, and no wp?… no lol).

Honestly though, im a perfectionist, and its hard for me to scale back, or not have shit exactly the way i want it when i present it. Its a struggle. That being said, this site doesnt do a good 30% of what i intended it on doing. But im trying to progress as a person lol, and let go of shit. So im going to just say this is a work in progress and keep it moving lol. I got a lot of shit i want to do this year. and this has held a nigga up big time.

But what this site DOES do (which im pretty proud of) is it can change its stripes. What im talkin about is… if you havent discovered, on your own already, that on the left side of the page there is a flash menu, hovering your mouse to the top will revel that fact. Going to “Park Skins” will present you with two options… or “Skins” if you will. The default is the Now Open skin, which most people should be seeing ( if i didnt fuck up too bad ). And the other one is called album cover, clicking on that will change the look and feel of the site. It goes down. im pretty proud of it. It works in most browsers.

In punk ass internet explorer on PC there is a SLIGHT problem with the loading of the html portion of the skin. But i dont give a fuck about Internet Exploer Users anymore ( not tottally, but im fuckin fustrated with IE, so fuck IE right now ). Its YOUR own damn fault for using that peice of shit. I dont feel sorry for you muthafuckas at all lol. I think of it as looking at a person that smokes ciggerettes … or better yet… CRACK! Everybody knows the effects of smoking crack… none of them are good. Just like using IE, nothing good comes out of it. Its a pain in the ass… you can catch ALL kinds of viruses n shit, pages dont work, or load right all the time. It can be slow and buggy. Its the worst shit ever. So fuck IE, and the people who use IE deserve what the hell they get lol. A bad internet experince.

Anyway, i did manage to fall short on a few aspects of this site, and im not all the way happy with it. But like i said, its a work in progress, and here it is.
As for the rest of Five27.com, such as the photoblog, and my other foto gallery. All will be getting a face lift and reconstruction over time. I have a buncha shit i wanna do, and i might finally be getting the oppertunity to pull the shit off this year. im working on my time management… speaking of which. I need to bone out.

So the site that is the Number ONE search result… for the word “Jheri Curl” is back (or used to be, im too lazy to check if it still is ). And i will keep this bitch updated as much as possible. Its been a while, and i have a buncha shit to say…. and i wrote most of it down lol.
yay for me and no one else.


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