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Uhmah Opinions: iTunes

Recent, Hell Froze the fuck over and Apple released a verison of its famed itunes for windows.

me personally…. imma winamp man… not 3 but 2.x…. 3 fucking sucks. actually… a beta of winamp 5 is out now ( …. winamp 2 + winamp 3 lol corny muhfuckas …. ) which cracks, you can use the skins and features from both verisons with this shit and it doesnt crash! it goes down lol.

but anyway… i have both a Mac and a PC, when i heard that apple had a windows verison of itunes, i was all over it. i listen to my music on my PC because i have a big ass 120 gig hard drive ( its name… fat bastard. *dr evil laugh* ) on that muhfucka, so thats where my music lives. plus my pc is faster than my mac. ( not for long tho ) so i downloaded it and tried it out.

well the first advantage, if youre just a rightious muthafucka and you believe in buying your mp3’s, you have access to the itunes music store, which has a whole BUNCHA gotdamn songs. i believe they have new shit too… but ummm yea, i havent really investigated because umm yea umm… really isnt relivant to my music listening habbits lol. yea… that sounds unincriminating lol.
Secondly, i think people are sleeping on the web radio that apple offers… they actually have some pretty good stations. but… im a listen to what i want, when i want kinda guy. so… i dont fuck with the Web Radio too tuff…

itunes also comes with something called Smart List, which allows you to program permeters to compile a list of songs for you to listen to. this cracks actually…. however… alot of my songs, are named ALL fucked up. With itunes you also have the ability to rate your songs and they have plenty of sorting options. except file name… which fucks me ALL up when i want to listen to a fucking album.

one thing that really stands out to me about itunes though, is the ability to use the program to actually burn your playlist… THIS SHIT HERE CRACKS! its as easy as pushing a button… popping in the fucking cd… and it goes down! you can burn an audio disc… or a data disc, for those of you who have mp3 players in your car……… like me! wooo… or… if you just wanna transfer a buncha mp3s for… umm whatever reason?

a couple of things i dont like about this shit though… if its your default music player, when you try to click on any one song that is on your computer just… there… not part of any music list or some shit… it will add it to the library… which aint all that bad… but that shit NEVER goes away… and i dont know, i guess ive been using winamp for too long. i want all the other shit that was in the playlist shit to disappear! thats one of the reasons i stoped listening to music on my mac. that shit irritates the fuck out of me.
Another thing that i dont like… this is a BIG ASS program… its like a 19mb download… so it uses memory… its a not TOO sluggish… but sluggish enough ( maybe im just spoiled ). i have a athon 1700xp with a 1 gig of ram… so my computer is no where near slow. but itunes is a bit too sluggish for me.
this program also does not come with the ability to stop a song. it will only pause it. the only real way to stop a song is to go to another play list, other than the one you are currently listening to the track on. and then a stop option will appear. Why is this a bad thing? say you want to stop the song you are listening to… say you go do something, takes about 10 min plus… and come back. well its kinda like pausing an actual CD and coming back after 10 min or so and hitting play again… there is a big ass delay… and the program damn near freezes for a couple of seconds… this… i can not STAND!!! just STOP is that so fucking hard?!
but anyway… back to the issue of the size of this shit. its big… and me, i like my mp3 player to be more of a background app than one of the main app’s im running on my machine. true indeed, i can open flash, dreamweaver, photoshop, and illustrator… AND still have enough ram to do a whole buncha other shit… but fuck… when youre working… eehhh… just doesnt crack, you want as much ram as possible. its minor ( to me at least ), but still a pet peeve.
one thing i do like about itunes though. its very easy to rename songs! i know those of you who are DIRTY FUCKING CROOKS ( lol ) and download music often find that sometimes songs are named all kinds of bullshit! so with this shit here… its HELLA easy to re name you songs. its just like renaming a file on your explorer. adding information to blank feilds aint the easiest… you actually have to get your right click on to do that… but it aint too much of a big deal. its way easier than winamp… and that cracks.
itunes also comes with a Search! thats right… a fucking search! it searches all the catigory feilds / sort feilds. PLUS… fucking PLUS… the file names! such as, say i enter snoop…. the results that come up will consist of all the files that have “snoop” in the id3 tags ( which is also used for the sorting ) AND the songs that have “snoop” in the file name… THIS SO WORKS! i really like that lol.
But… in order for that to crack… you have to have ALL your songs in your library…. which… eeeh AINT so bad… me personally tho… i just dont like it. but the search is fucking sepectacular. itunes ALSO has a browse function that cracks too… you can browse by genre, artist, and album. its pretty cool. those who use the visulization… eeh… it cracks i suppose. it has tons of eqalizier options, you can also customize your shit. if your cold like that of course. maybe im retarded… but i like the fact that this shit has an eject button… i have a cd rom… a dvd rom… and a external fire wire cd burner ( yes i do have a firewire card on my PC… and yes i do be moving my burner from mac to pc lol ) so… when i hit the eject button… 3 bays open… heh. yes imma nerd… fuck you! lol.
just for fricken kicks… i went ahead and added all my music to my itunes…. it took this shit like 15 min to add all the songs to the library lol. how many songs do i have? well… 27.2 days worth. 9404 songs approximately. all purchased of course! heh. at the bottom of itunes, is a space for the lenth of your selected play list, the number of songs and the file size. which comes in handy.
lastly, those of you used to exporting your winamp playlist to a nice looking HTML file might be a tad disapointed. but for those web savy individuals… well… those of you who fuck with XML. itunes exports your playlist into a XML file. web design is my profession…. i could fuck with it. but i dont know about your average so and so. i suppose if i wanted to keep the web world updated on what im listening to… i could export my current playlist and upload it to my website and display the information. there is actually a program do automatically do most of tha leg work for mac called kung tunes… i dont know if dude developed a windows version tho. there are actually a couple of winamp plug-ins that do the same shit.

but overall… im cool on itunes. that library thing really pisses me off lol. oh well.

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