Uhmah Park

i posted this in soulcity like 2 min ago.
we have a roots and culture section in there… and somebody ask what people we making.

and yes… i can make more than just cheese cake. lol

Today… we will buss some Chicken Queidillas or as i like to refer to them as… Quesidilla del pollo ah la UHMAH!
lol we can fix the name later lol
basiclly… its Chicken Quesidilla’s with some OJ
im not a recipe writer so bare with me

youre gonna need a foreman grill for this… and if dont have one… youre fuckin up lol.

what i do is…

i get my frozen boneless chicken and i put it in a ziplock bag. and set it in some hot ass water… dont worry… your chicken wont boil. ( long as you use the bag ). but before i sit the frozen chicken in the water… i pour some marande in there so my shit will be extra flavorful. today i used Havana Garlic & and Lime… mmmmmmm * home drool *. Me personally i like to let my shit defrost and marinade at the same time. but this isnt nessicary…. however… i always defrost my shit and then go watch tv or get on the net… so i tend to forget about it… so thats why i do it at the same time… because chances are… by the time i remember i got something defrosting… the shit is well defrosted and well marinaded.
I usually buy the 10 min marinade…. imma impatient muhfucka, what can i say?
moving on.
after your shit is defrosted… throw it on the foreman. season that shit up to taste… i have some lawrys blend for poltury that is pretty good… but garlic salt and cyan pepper will alway be my favorite lol.
while your shit is cooking on the foreman ( mine cooks fast i cant set it… ). grade some mild cheedar cheese ( if youre like me… grade a lil extra for you to pick at while youre doin other shit ). chop up some onions, real small so you dont bite into any large ass peices of onion, even if you like your shit this way. i say this because onion is strong and it will take away from the other flavors and items in your quesidilla… such as the green onion and fresh clinatro your gonna also be cuttin up. Cilantro is kinda tricky tho. it doesnt have to be bought that day to be fresh… but you do have to keep that shit fresh or it will have NO TASTE! it ook me a year to learn this… but if you take your cilantro from the stroe and put it in a plastic bag… you can keep that shit for weeks lol. make sure you squeeze most of the air out of the bag when you open and close it tho.
by this time your chicken should be cooked for the most part. My father used to scare my black ass when i was little with salminla poisioning ( i know im spellin that shit wrong ) so most of the time when i cook chicken… i dont believe that shit is ready to eat untill something on that shit is Black like me or damn near there. but if you dont like that shit… watch your shit on the GF… flip it over a couple of times… i like to make cuts in my chicken as its cooking to let it cook all the way thru.
once your chicken is cooked and the threat of salminella is no more ( lol ) cut your chicken up into smaller peices… not too big because then your quesidilla will be hard to eat ( and cut up… we will get to that later ).
next you take a flour tortilla… ( this could get tricky… if you burn your self up… or your house… yo bad! ) lay it flat on your gas burning stove…. ( if you dont have a gas burning stove then you are basiclly assed out… get a flat skillet, turn that shit all the way and hope for the best! lol ) turn on the fire so that the fire is heating / cooking the torrila… wait about 10 to 15 seconds ( that COULD be too long… i never counted ) till the side being cookd is toasted or a tad black ( you know how i do! ) pick it up ( its gonna be hot… dont foldle the muhfucka )… flip that muhfucka over and do it for the other side. once that side is done… take the tortilla… and cover ONE SIDE… HALF… of it with cheese ( i said it like that because i had to learn the hard way the first time lol )… a good layer of cheese… depending on how much cheese you like with your food of course… if you have constipation issues… you might wanna go a lil lite on the cheese homie lol. next… from there… you go… chicken ( not all of it ) vegies, a lil bit of cheese, more chicken… maybe some veggies if you have some left… then another layer of cheese. fold your uncooked quesidilla in half… and put it back on the foreman…. and let that muhfucka toast to your liking. i usually take mine off when the i hear the cheese start to fry because it has melted all the way and is starting to leek out of the quesidilla. now… from here… you put your quesidilla on your plate…. ( its gonna be hella hot ) cut it in to 4 peices… kinda like a sun rise. ( fuck im gettin hungry all over again ) break out the sour cream… put a nice lil heep on your plate… from here… this is all preference. i get some season salt and sprinkle the top of the sour cream with season salt and cayanne pepper… and any left over onions, cilantro and green onions.
my ex girlfriend came over today and she had salsa with hers… im cool on that shit… even tho it lookd good as fuck lol.

after this… you dogg that shit with ruthless agression!

mmm i want another one!


And before i end this entry… i would like to say Happy Birthday to Brother Malcom X. Usually my family and I take this day as a holiday… but… i have shit to do, im pretty sure he would understand. lol
Let Malcom X be a reminder that, when they come against you… they will always use one of your own.
or pick you off from distance…
scary muthafuckas.
how you suppose to be superior… big and bad… but gotta shoot a nigga 100 + yards away?
or be sneaky about shit?
if a muhfucka was as bad as he say he is… he is suppose to come up to you and do you in his gotdamn self! face to face… man to man. you want me… YOU come and get me. muthafuckas!
anyway…let me get back to work…


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