Uhmah Park

Tonite i went to go see matrix reloaded….

yes… i saw it early… ( benifit of living in cali maybe? or at least in a major market ? hm? )
no im not a matrix nerd…
gotdammit… it was hot as fuck in there… and the pinko’s was out… stinkin up the fuckin joint… gotdamn.

if you dont want the move to be spoiled for you by me… go head and keep on reading because its 1:16am and i have to get back to work… furthermore i am FAR to lazy to type a synopsis of this movie.
but i will say this.

it was SUPER LIVE!

and well worth seeing.
this movie will give you a deeper understanding of what in the hell is going on, and why shit works like it does.

the ending tho… questionable. but… there is another one coming out at the end of november, and with good reason!
oh yea… STAY TILL THE END OF THE OF THE CREDITS!!! a short trailer for The Matrix Revolution will ( should ) play afterwards.

the shit is two hours long… but its a good ass story… i enjoyed it.

And while im at it.

I also was at the premire of X2. same shit… buncha gotdamn pinko’s alotta fuckin humidity… alotta muthafuckin funk!
DO YOU PEOPLE SHOWER?! gotdamn! what tha fuck? there aint no reason for yall muthafuckas to smell like that!

this shit was better than the first one… and also got deeper into the stories…

could this be a trend? Sequels will be liver than the first?
if so… sign me up!

any way
hi ho… hi ho… back to work i go…. ( beyach! )


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