Uhmah Park

Syl brought up a good point one day….

and i was pacing around… waiting for these last few songs to download… and i thought about it.

Where do all the good looking people be?

if you think about it… when you go to the grocery store… you hardly EVER seen anybody worth talkin to. i mean almost never… when you go to the DMV its like a colaboration of the most folded people in the area… but time out… where is tha couple of decent muhfuckas you went to school with… or saw at tha light that one time… or at tha mall?? i know good looking people have to provide for them selves. why are they never spoted in public? do they all have some kinda secert outing time? and if they do… why didnt nobody tell my black ass? i KNOW im not ugly… i aint fuckin spectacular… but im knowin i aint ugly. hmm… well… i do know some ugly muhfuckas… thas probably why nobody has said shit to me lol.

ehh fuck it…

shit seems odd tho.

mind you this comes from the person who is predjudice against ugly people lol