Uhmah Park

I was text messaging some one the other day. When I had a sudden thought that interrupted everything I was going through at that particular moment. Cant remember if I was sober or not. Never the less, this thought seems perfectly logical no matter what my mind state.

I dont think… that the "Y" and the "O" in the word "YOU" are necessary at fucking all. Think about it. If you take out the "Y and the "O"… all you have is the letter "U". Which is all you was saying in the first place. U. In which or whatever tense and what not. Spelling out You, instead of U to say, YOU is really just putting too much on something that was already straight in the first place. U was fine before YO came along, and became dead weight. In the word YOU, the Y and the O serve no purpose. Like a girlfriend that hates sports, doesnt give head, and cant cook AND is broke with bad credit. Not thats what all females are good for, but I mean damn. At least do one real good. Just one of those things can possibly make a girl worth keeping, if she only does one real good. I cant say for how long though lol.

Anyway. Just simply typing U, to say "YOU" would be alot more logical. To prove my point even further. You could spell out "I" as "EYE", "IYEE", "AH" ( if you from the south ), you get my drift there are all kinds of ways. And only one other spelling out of "I" is gonna mean something else, which is "eye" and thats it. I is singular and one letter. U is also one letter, also would be referred to as YOU, one person, singular. This word should only consist of one letter. And thats U. Other than A, I and U are the only letters that mean something by themselves. and they would all be referring to one of something in A sentence. A, could also be spelled out like AYE! (the funnest shit you ever did see. Oh, and Part 2 and so on… ). But its not. There is A, there is I, there is no U. Why break up the flow??

I was thinking that from now on Id, just type out U, when I wanted to say YOU. But you know what? Im way too lazy, to explain why I do that shit as many times as I know that Id have to. So fuck it.

No movement this time. No revolution. None of that.  Fuck it, I refuse to explain my self that many times.


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