Uhmah Park

One thing people might not know about me is that Im always looking for something to motivate me, get me going, inspire me. Rather that thing be negative or positive, either way, Im with it. Earlier today, one of my cousins posted this to facebook. Im not a Tyler Perry fan and I dont watch his movies. Nothing personal really, those kinds of movies and shows just aint my groove. However, I decided to click on this video because it read “Tyler Perry: How to be Successful” … i figured, hey this man is rich and his movies make 1000% profit or something ridiculous like that, so no matter how I might feel about his work, Im sure he has a good word or 8 worth hearing.

Turns out that he had a pretty great message and inspiring words. He reaffirmed a recent change to my life Ive made. Ive recently decided to narrow my focus to one thing. I chose to focus more on my career. In the video Tyler mentioned that people sometime say they want to this that or the other and the advice he gives those people is to focus. Focus on one thing, one area of your life and just get that one thing done.

One day I realized that I didnt have any real clear goals. I didnt know where I was going, I felt lost. Even after 2 years of therapy and all kind of life changing shit, I was still unfocused.
Every since I decided to focus more on my career, Ive felt better than Ive ever felt ever. Everything may not be perfect in my life. But that focus makes everything feel great for some reason. Its pretty awesome.