Uhmah Park

this morning ( afternoon ) i was woke up by my parents who told me… ” happy two fo’! ” lol
they are the guts.

i would like to thank everybody who sent me happy birthday AIM’s Emails and Calls.

i would also like to say Happy Birthday to my twin Vee up in CND ( canada… there is a joke behind that )

also to Mallie who is damn near my complete oppisite lol. This man is Married, has a child, is christain and doesnt cuss lol and not to mention he is WAY more live with Flash than i am. im working on that tho… im shooting to be in the same catigory lol at least some where close lol.

also to Calvins friend Drea. No… i dont know this girl… but she was born on this day… so she must be dope in some aspect. i find that this is a constant amongst people born on this day.

to the girl ( lady? ) that left a comment on this site long time ago… or sent me an email… one of em… saying that we shared the same birthday… happy birthday to you too holmes.

i think im the only person i know who knows this many people who share the same birthday as them lol

i would also like to say… screw all the people that didnt tell a nigga happy birthday… go to hell, you all suck lol naw its cool… but fuck yall tho lol.

buy me something dammit lol. or giva nigga some bucks
im going back to work.


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