Uhmah Park

I’ve been noticing all over the internet, people complaining that twitter goes down way too much. Word? I’ll just have to take every bodies word for it. I’ve never really seen twitter go down myself. But then again, I dont really browse twitter… like at all. Maybe when I get a notice of some sort. But thats it, and thats rare.

However though, I do have a twitter account and what not. I just had to know what the rave was all about. Still really haven’t seen it. Althought it is the guts from time to time. When I first signed up though. I just followed anybody that followed me. LOL My mistake. Little did I know that if you put your phone number into your twitter account, that shit will start to send you text messages every time one of the people you are following updates their shit. Which really wouldnt be a huge problem except for some people are really into twitter and keeping up with their twitter account. Not only keeping up with it. But updating their twitter account with what they are doing, every five to ten minutes. Not only that, but read what everybody is doing, and then basically texting back and forth for everybody thats following these muthafuckas to read. Great.

But um, anybody ever think, maybe thats why that shit constantly goes down. Because some of you muthafuckas feel the need to updates muthafuckas on your every fucking move. When twitter asked “what are you doing” I’m pretty sure they didnt mean, What are you doing… now…. now … now… and now… maybe now… what about now…. now too. and now?

How about just letting muthafuckas know when you do something worth wild with your life? And not every right turn and every last change of emotion you go through. I dont understand how that doesnt make sense. Maybe it wouldnt go down so much then?

All I’m saying is, when you wake up in the morning, and start your day. If one of the things you think you have to do is say whasup to your peoples on twitter. You might want to think twice about complaining that twitter goes down.

Regardless of how the technology of twitter could be better or not. If people wouldnt spam their friends with their every gotdamn movement, the shit probably wouldnt be such a huge problem.

But maybe I’m trippin lol.

I had to turn my phone notifications off though. Being distrubed and having to check my phone when I recive a text message.  Just to read what somebody has to say, that more than likely isnt talking directly to me. I’m just saying, I got shit to do.