Uhmah Park


My Raiders beat the broncHoes!!!! in the snow, no less… it goes down. they aint having the greatest season, but as long as they beat the fuckin brochoes… its alright. i DO realize they split the season series… and i DO realize that the raiders aint going to the playoffs. but! as long as they beat the gotdamn bronhoes at least once. im happy!

this shit damn near turned around my hohum mood… the game was pretty damn live, i missed parts of it going to mcdonalds lol. but i saw the win! fuck jason elam! fuck the bronhoes… shit… fuck denver as a city and colorodo as a muthafuckin state! what is it about colordo anyway? you ever notice some true bullshit happens in colorodo…. they got kids who think they are real life GTA characters n shit… now ill admit, i have wanted to snatch a muthafucka or two out his car… and run a redlight or three like it wasnt shit. but just take over the school? with automatic weapons n shit… just pickin muthafuckas off with ruthless aggression? no. and what was in the fuckin air in colorodo like last year that just made muthafuckas wanna rape a female? now… i still dont think kobe did that shit. but the university football team was on that shit lol. they thought pussy was just walkin around for the taking. they might as well had been clubin bitches over the head buckwild lol.
*THUD* ill take that pussy… thank you. drag her off by her hair n shit.
the only thing i can stand outta denver is the nuggets… and the only thing i hate worse than denver… is punk ass boston.
everything coming out of boston is the worst shit ever… the celtics ( bitches ), the patriots ( bitches ), the red sox, the bruines. Boston fuckin blows. the people have bootleg ass new york accents n shit. and its cold like 300 days out the year. how could this place not be wack? when i found out john kerry ass was from boston i damn near didnt vote for him.

Anyway… id be mad at the world right now… but since the raiders AND the lakers won today… im just kinda mad. but not really.

oh yea… why does brian leftwitch look like dougie fresh and omar goodings child of lust? lol


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