Uhmah Park

On my ( now duel! ) broadcast of my digital “journal” i will be doing a series of post under the category, “Tuff Pill To Swallow”. All about the harsh realizations that people face from time to time.

For my first Tuff Pill To Swallow entry, i will be talking about this guy, a 18 year old asian kid that jumped to his muthafuckin death because he could not live with the fact that he has a small dick. Can you believe that shit? This nigga must have missed the memo. We will call him Dum Yung Fuk. His mom even took his ass to the doctor and the doctor told him that he had a normal size dick for an asian man. Which im more than sure drove him to that ledge. Where he proceeded to get his KrisKross on. ( Jump, Jump… you should know you should know better! For the slow people )

So i was thinking, there had to be a point in every guys life, that has a little dick, no matter what race, religion or culture… where this poor son of a bitch looked between his legs and said to himself “sigh……I guess thats it.” What happens after that is anybodies guess. Ive never had to say that to myself, so a nigga like me wouldnt know. I guess they just take on life, and fuck who every they can as many times as they can, and then some girl will have had enough, and make some show like Sex In The City n shit lol.
But talk about a tuff pill to swallow? Gotdamn that must suck!! I know somebody had to have thought that God turned his back on HIM specifically.

Ive heard of some dudes living in denial but im sure he knows the truth in the back of his head. Im sure he’s been told the shit at least twice by the time he has fucked 5 girls. lol im literally sitting here shaking my head. Im a pretty mean guy though… so i could wish a little dick on my worst enemy. And id be sure to point that shit out every chance i got as a matter of fact.

Anyway, while im talkin about asians, i live next door to an asian family. Actually, where i live there are a good number of asian people. I havent identified the culprit yet. But i know its one of the asians families, im sure of it. These muthafuckas be sun cooking fish or something, because on a random nice day, the whole gotdamn everything will stink of rotten ass fish, or something, i dont know what the fuck it is, but it stank like a muthafucka. The only THING ive ever smelled worse than this shit is chitlins, thats on everything. It smells like they are boiling blow fish over in they shit. Making goldfish tea or somethin nigga… that shit stink so bad, its like the nerve gas on 24 that was eating away at the lining of the doors n shit. that shit will creep in your house and violate your nostrils with very suddle aggression. its like a fuckin funk fog, and it just slowly consumes you. Its hella faint at first, then all of a sudden it smells like some 70 year old prostitute opened her legs. cats be every where n shit, loosing they gotdamn minds. Mean while, im sitting my black ass here, cussin like a muthafucka because i cant run from the smell. I got incents and everything. it just smell like sweaty ass flounder and whatever ghetto ass black love incents i bought offa Jamaican at Venice one day… 25 for 2 bucks, cant fuckin beat it! lol Just like you cant beat that fuckin smell out of your brain for a few hours. Shits nauseating. It smells like thai food, indian food, and dirty sushi had a fuckin orgy on a humid day. shits repulsive as fuck. I feel like i can smell that shit with my eyes!! it stink that bad! it make me feel like i got after taste of eating hot gold fish n shit.

i had something else to say, but i fucked around and forgot.


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